Get Lost In the Music

by Bridget Douglas
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No matter the situation: work problems, relationship problems, physical pain, being on your period, stress, boredom, and loneliness-music can cure. It’s easy for our minds to fall into a trap of negativity, sadness, or overload for whatever reason. If you’re looking for an outlet to put away your mind for a while, put on some tunes. Make sure to put your Graham Slee HiFi System Components to good use for the best possible audio quality.

Music is a great way to let yourself live in the moment. Often times, we get caught up in things we need to get done, that we forget to just live. Sometimes you need to listen to Simon & Garfunkel while staring out the window and reflecting on life.

Certain songs can transport you to an imaginary world or to a distant memory. Many 90’s songs can bring me back to my childhood and it’s beautiful to remember specific memories and how I saw the world back then. Coldplay makes me think of my depressing teen days. Music to me is pure magic.

I use music in different ways to cure life’s ailments.

Work Out/Dancing.

A few times a week, I’ll blast music from my elac debut 2 speaker and get my sweat on. I lie on my yoga mat and do some stretching while listening to music, then I’ll do my work-out routine and throughout, I’ll just freelance dance. I switch it up to anything from oldies to 90’s music for whatever mood I’m in. I’m a huge Classic Rock fan though, it always gets me feeling good.

It’s a load of TLC for my mind and body. I’m able to just dance and forget everything. If a certain song I love comes on, it really gets me really energized and I’ll work-out twice as hard. I’ve always been a lover of dancing and music, but I’m pretty shy, so dancing in my room to my favorite tunes is the best. Unless I’m drunk, I’ll dance in front of anyone!

Playing an Instrument.

I started playing the drums two months ago, and it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. It’s a great feeling when you can actually make music. My boyfriend bought me a drum-set for Christmas because he’s awesome, and he’s in a band. I try to play almost every day. It’s a great stress reliever. Every time I get on there, I just don’t want to stop. I open up the Pandora app on my phone, put on some headphones, and start playing along to the songs. Stations I listen to are The Pixies, punk bands like Rancid, Blink 182, and of course lots of Classic Rock.

The feeling I get when I’m banging along to a great song is out of this world. It’s so euphoric, I feel good about myself, and I really do ‘get lost in the music.’

Take the Long Way Home.

There have been many times when I’m feeling down driving or walking back home, so I’ll take a long detour and take in the scenery. I like driving down random back roads and blasting an album, with the windows down if it’s nice. Going on road trips and listening to good tunes is like my favorite thing to do.

I went a six month road trip last year, and nothing is cooler than driving through a state that you’ve never been to while listening to an awesome song. A little ‘Neil Young or some Allman Brothers while driving down a pretty country road, how could that not make me feel better?

Social Situations.

Like I said, I can be a little shy I definitely have a case of social anxiety in some situations. Even with family, I can still feel uncomfortable. But I believe music is the great equalizer, it is easy to talk about and start a conversation around it. Music relaxes me and makes me forget about my anxieties.

When partying and hanging out with friends, music is always the best. If there is a lull in the convo, it’s not awkward because there’s music playing. It just puts everyone in a happy mood when good jams are playing. It makes people feel comfortable and let loose a little bit (kind of like alcohol does).

Music is a natural anti-depressant. When in doubt, get lost in the music.

If you’re looking for an outlet to put away your mind for a while, put on some tunes.

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