Making The Most Of Your Morning Routine

by Olivia Bouchard

If you’re anything like me, leaving the cosy comfort of your bed in the morning can feel like the hardest thing ever. Especially if it’s cold out or you’ve got a stressful day ahead. Whatever it might be, those extra 5 minutes under the duvet are always sacred and we never want them to run out. But, hopefully with these simple tips you’ll be able to take charge of your morning routine and show each day who’s boss!

There’s a lot that happens in your day which is a knock-on effect of how you wake up. So it’s important to mentally and physically prepare yourself in the best way that works for you. Because we all know that a good or bad morning can be the difference between a great day or a crappy one. If you follow this guide every morning, you should start to notice an increase in energy and productivity throughout the day!

1. Make sure you get plenty of sleep!

The most important part about waking up is the sleep you have beforehand. Getting the recommended 8 hours over a continuous period is the best way to keep you feeling energised and refreshed. Of course, with the busy schedules many of us have these days, it’s not always possible to manage 8 hours every night. But a good practice to get into is replacing that late-night Instagram scroll with a less stimulating activity. Reading or listening to relaxing music is a great way to wind down in the evenings and help you to squeeze in a couple of extra Zs. You’ll be able to notice the benefits in no time.

2. Once you’re awake, shake up the order of your morning!

This tip has totally changed my routine and made it 100% more bearable. As creatures of habit, we love to repeat the same things in the same order all the time, and our morning rituals are no exception. Because we always dread the dull and mundane things, we tend to leave them till the last minute. I’m talking about rushing out the door, toothbrush hanging out your mouth, conditioner barely rinsed out of your hair etc. We’ve all been there. So, to avoid this less-than-ideal situation, I suggest a re-jig. Try starting your morning with something you normally leave till the end, whether it’s eating breakfast or getting dressed. A change in the order can be a refreshing way to shake up your routine and get you more excited for the day ahead.

3. Take some extra time for something new!

I’m definitely guilty of stretching out those 5 minutes in bed into 10 and 15 minutes. I always think that some extra time under the covers will be the best thing for me and my day. But in reality, all it does is make it even harder to wake up and get on with my morning. Something far better would be to spend that time doing an activity which isn’t directly part of the ‘getting ready’ routine. What I mean is something like 10 minutes of yoga or stretching, just a bit of a physical warm-up for the day. It’s a great way of getting your blood pumping which energises your brain and will make you more focused for the rest of the jobs you need to do.

4. Make a list!

Nothing says satisfaction like ticking off a to-do list. With so many things to take care of in the morning, it can really help to keep track of your routine with a handy check-list. Start by making a note of what you already do and how long each task takes to complete. Then, change the order of your list and follow it accordingly when you wake-up. Experiment with your list by trying to get it down to the bare minimum so you know what the essentials are and then you can add things back in that you really enjoy. See how this goes over a couple of weeks before you settle on a routine you love, then change it up again!

To sum up, we all know that getting ready in the morning can be the most arduous thing ever. But with these simple steps, hopefully you’ll be able to take control of the morning feeling and set yourself up for some amazing days. Follow this guide to start your morning off right and the winning days are sure to follow!

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