Gurls Talk x Taylor Magazine: How To Help A Friend When They’re Down

by Catriona Beck
Taylor Magazine X Gurls Talk: How to help a friend when they're down

Something we’ve been following for a while at Taylor Magazine is Gurls Talk – an online community of women who can share their experiences in an open-minded and judgement-free environment, closely aligned with our own beliefs on mental health and self-care. Gurls Talk was founded by British fashion model and activist, Adwoa Aboah. Feeling the need to create a safe community for women following her own mental health experiences, Gurls Talk aims to bring all women together, uplifting each other to become stronger. It’s impactful and inspires us individually, but also collectively.

In a very special collaboration, the Gurls Talk community and Taylor Magazine wanted to create something that gives people the tools they need to support each other. We’ve teamed up with them on a subject that is vital to all of us – friendship. Giving the right piece of advice to a friend is crucial when they’re in need, but we’ve all been there – how do you help a friend when they’re down, and what do you say? Some of the ladies from Gurls Talk opened up about their experiences, with some advice to help you help a friend in need.

Taylor Magazine X Gurls Talk: How to help a friend when they're down

@jjrand: When my friends are down, I take the time to hear the problem with unconditional, unbridled love. I want to provide them with the security of knowing no judgement or gossip will ever follow. We all want love in our lowest moments and what comforts a friend is knowing they are understood and to be reminded that they are deserving of love.

@todorovicanna: When a friend is feeling low, if I can’t drive to their place, I’ll call them and we’ll just talk for hours on the phone about their problems and anything else. I just give them company so they knows they’re not alone. I also try to give them perspective on the problem and if I can, try to soothe and calm them down. 

@dorystyles: I help them to remember who they are, that they’re loved and the world needs them. I tell them the words I’d like to hear when I’m feeling down and share silly cute videos to make them smile – all the cute boys and old Vines. I give them songs to have a good cry to because crying actually helps. I tell them “there is always a bad moment before the great things, so let’s just have a sad day and after this let’s rise and shine. Have a good cry friend, and remember, I love you so much.” 

@livingtheislandlife: I let them know that I’m always there for them and make them aware that they’re not alone in their sadness. I reassure them it’s just a bad period, not a bad life. I try to get them up and outside for a hike or snorkelling and try to make them laugh by making up jokes and sending memes, old pictures and videos.  

@emilyxmn: Words of affirmation! Remind them of the ways they glow.  

@Queencrovv: The simple things – I let them know they can talk to me, I try to visit them and we will listen to music or play video games and make food. 

@harvi_bhullar: I make them feel at ease by going over to talk. I make them laugh. Coffee and cake helps. 

@ilana.rubin: Listen! If they want to talk, be there to hear what they have to say.  

@Clareruth_ Support: Warm loving intentions, laughter, dancing and carbs!

Whatever your friend is going through, we definitely believe there is strength in numbers, and reminding someone that they have someone to talk to is key. Whether that’s a shoulder to cry on or having a space to connect with others who have experienced the same, it’s a huge step in the right direction. It reminds us all that when we’re feeling low, we don’t have to go through it alone.

Check out Gurls Talk and follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to be part of a feel-good community of women.

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