Hating Your Job Means Losing Your Love For Life

by Li Yakira Cohen

We’ve all been there. Working those 10 hour shifts where you have to deal with less-than-pleased customers and less-than-pleased management. You run around like a headless chicken for the whole shift. You try to maintain a positive attitude. Despite your efforts, everyone seems to think it’s just not good enough. You go home, try to relax, and hopelessly wish for something better to come along.

Having a shitty job is just inevitable. At some point in your life, you’ll go to countless interviews and search on every website you can think of to find your dream job but sadly, the only offer you’ll get is for that coffee shop miles from your house. But you gotta do what you gotta do, right? You have bills to pay, people to care for, and of course wine isn’t free so we just carry on miserably.

Just take a minute and think about this concept. You work Monday to Friday at a job you hate so that you can get two days off to live your life. Two days… out of seven. Oh, but wait it’s really not two days. Saturday, you’ll sleep in because you’re exhausted from working all week. Say goodbye to half a day. Sunday is when you start dreading having to go back to work on Monday, so you lose half a day there too. Okay, so now this is just one day to live your life. One.

We have seven days to live life. I’m pretty sure we weren’t created to dread waking up almost every day. So, how do we change this? Well, it’s not too complicated:


Yes, it’s that simple. Leave that draining, good for nothing job and find something else. “Oh, but what about my bills?” you ask. Trust me, nobody is going to forget that you owe them money; your bills will still be there tomorrow. Your sanity on the other hand may not.

It might sound harsh, but in this case quitting isn’t a bad thing. You’re not quitting on yourself, you’re quitting on the negativity. In quitting, you’re telling yourself you deserve more than a job that treats you like the dirt growing behind the machines. You’re quitting the team of Negative Nancy’s to join the team of Happy Harry’s.

Choosing to work for the rest of your life doesn’t have to be complete torture. I mean, if you’re going to work, it might as well be in an environment you love right? If you choose to stay in that job where your boss makes you work all the hours humanly possible for almost no pay, that’s up to you. Just remember this… life is about choices. When you’re in a situation you hate, the only way out is to change it. Pegasus isn’t going to swoop down from the heavens to take you to a magical land with a “No Bad Bosses Allowed” sign. Nice dream though.

To boil it down, here are your two options.

Option Nancy: Continue being miserable. Go to work 5+ days a week. Go home completely drained. Continue to feel unworthy of something more or something better. Feel completely unappreciated. Slack on your relationships because you’re so frustrated.

Option Harry: Quit your job and find something where people don’t treat you badly. Enjoy being surrounded by positive people. Feel refreshed when you get home. Learn something new every day from your coworkers. Be part of a team. Grow. Learn to appreciate life again.

Ultimately, this your decision. I’m not telling you what to do. What I am telling you is that a life filled with appreciation and love is a hell of a lot better than one filled with negativity and hate.

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