Having Your Own Secrets: Why It’s Important To Keep Things To Yourself

by Drue Ogden
Having Your Own Secrets: Why It's Important To Keep Things To Yourself Taylor Magazine Minimalist guide to life

Did you drive home completely wasted Saturday night? Did you have a crazy disaster last week? Are exploring with the idea of trying the same gender? Or maybe you have a risky part time job. Whatever the case may be, I’m not judging at all. Odds are you have either done one of the things I mentioned or you have thought about it, googled it or have already started considering it. Having personal secrets is healthy and completely okay.

Now, I’m not telling you to go sleep with a married man by any means or drive drunk. What I am saying is that it happened, you are ok and nobody needs to know. When we make mistakes, we learn from them and mistakes are good! We need to be adventurous to find out who we truly are and who others are too. People are always worried about what they did and who they need to fess up to. Here is your answer, NOBODY! The only person you must answer to is yourself. Stressful situations only become stressful if you look at them in a negative way. You can change that!  

Your friends DO NOT need to know everything you do. Your family DOES NOT need to know everything you do. If you feel like you need to get this HUGE secret out but don’t know who to tell, write it down. Buy a notebook and start keeping your personal life secrets in it. Once you tell a secret to someone, it isn’t a secret anymore and the world can and will freely judge you on your actions. That will create stress. I promise you once you start telling people, the secret won’t get any easier. It’s not fair because we all make mistakes, its healthy! But people still tend to judge. So, keep your own personal secrets to yourself. It is healthy and good for your stress and mind.

I do however promote being yourself fully and not minimizing who you are in anyway. If your self-secret involves expressing who you are then that is one you may want to share when you feel that you are ready for whatever people may dish at you. If you share this, you should share it when you get to a point where you become so empowered and passionate about it that you don’t care what others think. However; those of you that have secrets that are truly mistakes or something you’re feeling a little guilty about or maybe adventurous with, the world does not need to know. Being silent about certain things can bring us calmness. The noise of others can ruin that. Don’t stress yourself out for no reason. Stay true to yourself and keep your secrets!  

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