“He’s Been My Best Friend Since We Were Kids”: Ashley & Brian’s Proposal Story

by Taylor Team

How We Met

Brian and I met when we were in fifth grade (aged 10-11). A close friend of mine had the same class as Brian and she introduced me to him when I was entering a new school.

I liked him from the beginning, but, as kids, you know how those feelings come and go. I definitely felt like I knew him already, but it wasn’t until I was more mature that I understood my feelings towards him. I’ve always been a “heart on my sleeve” kind of person, so I was never afraid to show and be honest with my emotions. But, I would have to say, I always knew that I wanted Brian in my life.

Brian and I were engaged at a very young age, a few weeks after my grandfather passed away. I knew his intentions were to show me that he’d be with me through thick and thin. We were still young, maybe 23, and I was going through a lot mentally and emotionally. So to me, it was more like a promise, rather than a marriage proposal.

The Second Proposal

The second proposal happened in 2019. We were taking our engagement photos and he surprised me with a second ring. I definitely did not know that was going to happen at all, and it truly was magical and fun. It felt 100% right this time around.

We’ve come so far. Through all the trials and tribulations, we are still together, fighting every day to love one another. He’s been my rock and my best friend since we were kids. It only felt right that we decided to go to the next chapter and get married.

We were in this beautiful park overlooking the Hudson River that separates New York & New Jersey,  I was dressed in a black dress (I’m a bruja) and we were posing for the photographer.  My back was turned because the photographer told me to look when she said so. I didn’t even notice that he was kneeling down on one knee. When I turned around, there he was. I was a bit shocked because I noticed the ring but I thought it was my old one from when we were younger. I didn’t even notice until I looked at my ring and saw the new on! It’s hard to surprise me, as I’m very intuitive, so I was laughing so hard because I was so shocked.

My favorite thing had to be the ring box. I’m a photographer myself, and Brian got this amazing ring box that looks like a camera lens. When he turned it, the ring popped out. It was thoughtful, totally me, and truly unique. The ring was also a beauty too!

Where We Are Now

Brian and I love to make memories, no matter how small. Each day and every memory means so much to us. Our engagement was unique, fun, filled with love and magic and I’m so grateful that I can be on this journey with such a powerful, kind, and brilliant gentleman. 

Brian and I hope that our future is filled with beauty, passion, and growth. We know that just because we’ve known each other for most of our lives, we still have to work to keep making sure our love stands the test of time, we know to respect each other’s growth and grow as we go, together. We want our love to always feel like we’re experiencing something for the first time, with eyes of excitement and wonder. We don’t know what the future holds but we know as long as we’re together, we can do anything.

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