Hosting: It’s Just A Fancy Word

by Auriel Simmonds

When I used to think of the word hosting, I only imagined extravagant parties with grandeur everywhere. I envisioned parties where people barely ate the beautifully presented food. Instead, they drifted between grand rooms, moving from one conversation to another, discussing politics and finance. To be quite honest, I basically thought it was far from my idea of a fun time. But, at the end of the day, hosting is just a fancy word. It’s not an unreachable position that requires you to have a mansion, or to buy lots of champagne and wear evening dresses.

You reading this, you can host. And enjoy it. If you want to find out some tips on how to host a lunch for yourself and your friends, read on!


The most important part of hosting a lunch party for your friends is to make sure they feel welcome. If your friends feel relaxed, they’ll be able to enjoy the food and conversation. A successful party needs to be prepared for. You’ll have to consider a number of things before inviting all your friends over!

How Many People Are Attending?

You’ll need to know this in order to work out where to situate the party in your home. This is so that everyone is able to have a good time without constantly bumping into each other or feeling excluded!

The Food

The best way to have a successful dinner with your friends is to decide what is most appropriate to offer. The best thing to do in most situations is to offer a simple spread of various and easy-to-eat foods that people can help themselves to. This is great for creating a more casual vibe. Also, it’s incredibly important that you consider people’s dietary requirements and preferences. It won’t make for the best meal if your vegetarian friend is forced to eat a big bowl of salad while everyone else eats meaty burgers!

The Space

In terms of available space, having different selections of food that are easy to eat is important. A smaller place can be used to host a larger group of people. This is because if you’re not stuck at a dining table, you can instead roam around, while still enjoying tasty food! If you want to host a little get-together with your friends but you’re worried that you don’t have enough space, remember that it’s about how you utilise the space you have. Of course, a get-together of fifteen people requires more space than that of three. So, you need to decide (before inviting people over!) the logistics of the lunch. 

Pre & Post Lunch Activities

It’s always a wonderful way to engage with everyone when you’re hosting a meal to offer some fun activities. This is particularly important if its a group of people who don’t necessarily know each other very well. These could be as simple as charades or you could even set out board games like Jenga. Group activities like this allow for any awkwardness or unfamiliarity to be overwhelmed by everyone focusing on what they’re doing. In this way, people will be able to loosen up and conversations will start to flow. 


Before your friends come over, make sure that you’ve not got any dishes left out from the morning. Ensuring that the kitchen is clear is vital for a smooth dining experience. It will make it easier for you to be able to set everything up if there’s nothing to deal with other than making and setting out the food. 

An untidy kitchen = an untidy mind!

Set the table and make sure there is plenty of water on offer so people are able to drink throughout.


Music playing in the background of your lunch party can help to set the ambience. Create a playlist of relaxing tunes that can be played in the background and make sure to keep in mind what your friends like. 

The most important thing when it comes to hosting is to remember that it’s about having a good time and spending time with people you care about. You can host a lovely lunch for yourself and your friends and it’s a great thing to do when you’ve not seen each other for a while and you want a catch up! 

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