How Fear Can Hold You Back – And What To Do About It

by Taylor Team

Most people fear something. Spiders, snakes, heights all the way to personal fears that hold them back from enjoying what could be a fulfilling life. Fears can feel like an instinctive reaction to something that could possibly hurt us, but often it’s a psychological barrier towards something which will in reality not harm us at all – like fear of failure.

Common Fears

An interesting study conducted by money saving experts Voucherbox discovered that insects are the most common fear for women, while the most common fear for men is being judged by others. Intriguingly, 12% of the population is afraid of personal failure, which perhaps restricts them from pushing their boundaries and taking risks in life. Thankfully, more than 37% of people manage to face their fears and most do this by using treatments such as therapy and self-help books. These specially designed treatments have worked wonders in recent years. They have helped people take action by feeling fearful but going ahead with their decisions anyway.

Fear of Love

Some people have a fear of falling in love or getting close to someone. These often stem from past hurt. Everyone has been let down, cheated on or let down in some way. But some of us are so afraid that will happen again, that we avoid living life to the fullest. A fear of falling in love seems to often be a symptomatic reaction to the past, but for some people it is internalised in childhood. Those who have a fear of love say that it’s because they prefer to remain solely independent, or that they don’t feel good enough to have someone love them. Or even that they don’t feel they deserve it. Everyone deserves love. We just need to learn to open our heart and trust.

Fear or Phobia?

A fear is usually being frightened of something. For example, a fear of spiders would mean that a person would rather not deal with them and doesn’t like them at all! A phobia of spiders, however, seems to be a fear from a stronger and less rational viewpoint. Phobias can create physical reactions that can be incredibly overwhelming for the person. What are the most common phobias? Spiders, snakes, dogs, heights, thunder and lightning and flying seem to be the most usual phobias; all of which can also cause physical reactions in the body. Anxiety caused by phobias can include body shakes, trembling, panic attacks, sweating, nausea, dizziness and breathlessness. What can be a completely unexpected experience can be very unpleasant for someone who has a phobia.

How Can I Overcome Fears and Phobias?

Self-help books seem to be one of the most effective treatments for those fed up with their fears ruling their life. Meditation, hypnotherapy and other treatments can also help someone to restore balance in their life. If your fear affects your quality of life, then try and look into finding a way to overcome it. If your phobia is ruling your life, then you know it’s time to find a solution. Nobody should feel restricted in how they live and where they go – combat your fears!

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