How Natural Skincare Can Work For You

by Rachael Moore
How Natural Skincare Can Work For You

We often see natural skincare advertised as a way to be kinder to our skin and turn our backs on chemicals. But what else are the benefits of using what nature gave us?

I turned towards more natural skincare recently and since using these products, my skin has not only become clearer, but felt less stripped and worn out from the myriad of ingredients I realised were unnecessary for my skin. Initially, it was difficult to know what was and wasn’t a safe product to use, but I soon discovered the ewg rating which takes all the hard work out of it, by giving products ratings based on how natural their ingredients are. This is what I found since using natural products and here’s how it could work for you too:

1. Natural skincare is simpler skincare

Needless to say, for many of us when we read the ingredients in our general cleansers and moisturisers, we can’t make sense of what they are or what they’re meant to do. For many of us that have struggled for years to find what skincare works best for us, this can be a real problem.

Since returning to more natural methods, I know exactly what’s going on with my skin and what ingredients can help. For example, I have oily/combination skin. For me, ingredients that work well to clear, brighten and tone the skin are lavender and rose. They have been long known for their soothing properties, as well as to balance and hydrate the skin.

When looking for natural skincare, research what active ingredients work well for your skin type, along with what companies are selling these products. With this being said, just because the product is simple, doesn’t mean the Cosmetic Packaging Design should be. A lot of times it is the packaging that gets the attention of the customer.

2. Give Mother Nature a helping hand

From the Earth we receive and to the Earth it shall return. The great thing about using natural skincare, body care etc. is that it can help the environment. We know how the use of harmful substances such as micro-beads has affected the Earth’s oceans and marine life. As a way to prevent further damage, many people are becoming more aware of and turning to natural materials for their skincare. By using natural materials, you not only know what exactly is in your product but they will also be biodegradable and more helpful for the environment.

3. DIY Cash Saver

In many ways, going natural can actually save you splashing the cash by making your own recipes! For example, instead of splurging money on an expensive body scrub, you could opt to mix a household oil (a favourite of mine is coconut oil) with sugar/salt and voila – you have an effective body scrub that simultaneously moisturises as well. There are tons of recipes depending on what ingredients you want to incorporate.

Another active ingredient in many skin care products is oats or oat milk. If that is a skin saver for you, why not use oats themselves? Mix the oats with some water to create a milk and apply to the face. The oats and milk can cleanse, clear and brighten the skin whilst providing a light exfoliation. It does have the risk of getting a little messy if you use too much, so use sparingly. A little goes a long way and it’ll cost you a fraction of the price compared to a regular cleanser.

4. No to cruelty

Another great thing about natural skincare is that many companies like Waterlilies And Company, that specialise in these products have a policy against animal testing. If you want to transition to using all cruelty free products, doing research is the best way to find out. In addition to not testing on animals, there are natural skincare companies that are affordable, organic and vegan friendly.

What are your favourite skincare products? Do you use natural ingredients? Let us know in the comments!

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