How To Achieve More With A Vision Board

by Auriel Simmonds

A vision board is a creative and useful tool for you to be able to set out all your goals in life. In creating such a board, we are able to visualise our futures without being overwhelmed by all the things that we hope to achieve. Often, we set such high expectations for ourselves. And because of this, more times than not, we end up falling short. This can lead to us doubting ourselves and having no faith in our abilities since we fear that we will fail again. However, with a vision board, we are forced to set out all our goals in a one space, in a realistic format. And, of course, to achieve them will require dedication and hard work, but they won’t be impossible to achieve.

Creating Your Vision:

The great thing about a vision board is that you don’t have to an art major to make one! It is really important, when creating a vision board, to take the time to think about what you genuinely want. You could create a board for the year ahead or even the coming month. Some people create vision boards for their life. Whatever best suits you, it remains the same that you need to consider what will fill the board. You can choose to make it as busy or minimal as you like. But, it makes sense that the clearer the format, the easier it will be to navigate! Here are some tips to make sure that your vision board works for you:

  • Writing out your goals in different colours stops them from all blending into a chaotic mess! The different colours will help you to clearly see each goal and you won’t feel overwhelmed.
  • Putting pictures next to each goal which relate to them in some way will help with your visualisation of your goals. Abstract goals can become more attainable with the help of a simple image.
  • It’s important to remember that a vision board is for YOU. Personalise it! Creating a personalised board will help you to engage with it more in your daily life.

Using Your Vision Board:

Creating a vision board is important, but will not be useful if you don’t know how to use it properly. There is no point in creating this kind of board if you end up keeping it stuffed into a drawer! Keeping your vision board beside your bed will encourage you to take a look at it every time you wake up. This will give you the incentive, at the beginning of the day, to pursue those goals in whatever way you can, whether you make big or small strides. In the half hour before we fall asleep, the thoughts we have inspire our dreams. And so, by having your vision board beside your bed, the goals you want to achieve will manifest themselves in your dreams. This will help to strengthen your desire to achieve these goals and thus actively pursue them.

The vision board that you create is exactly that- it’s YOU. It’s everything that you want to be and achieve. This means, in some sense, that it’s a record of your personal journey and growth. It will reflect on all that you achieve. It will show the way that your life goals change and widen as you grow older. Creating new boards as you fulfil your dreams will perpetuate the feeling of ambition within you that your first vision board would have helped to inspire. I think it is important to remember that your goals can change. In life, our experiences shape us and this means that what we want out of life, will change. And that’s okay! Changing our mind is natural as we grow and develop.

And so, your vision board needs to represents what you want from life in your present. And, if it does, it will benefit you and help you to achieve more.

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