How To Create A Holiday At Home

by Alexa Brynne

Breaking up is hard to do… especially when it comes to travel plans. Just because we’re all homebodies this summer, the rest of the year doesn’t have to be a continuous loop of working from home, Netflix and repeat. Taking a trip down memory lane can help you glean some inspiration from your favourite holiday, so that you can recreate a much deserved DIY break. Even if you can’t physically lounge on a beach or a explore a foreign city, there are a few simple things that can get you in the vacation state of mind. 

Start with a Brainstorming Session

Scroll through photos or re-read diary entries from some of your favourite destinations. What were some of your favorite moments from those trips? What spaces stand out in your mind? Maybe you loved the decor at a certain hotel, or you ate at the same restaurant multiple times because it was just that good. Perhaps there are parts of those trips that you could incorporate into life at home. In fact – did you buy a souvenir somewhere that’s currently sitting in a drawer? Pull it out of storage and display it right now! You could even have your favourite travel photos printed. When was the last time you had an actual picture developed and put it in a frame? It sounds simple, but can provide so much happiness in your home! 

Cook a Holiday Inspired Meal

Before you start cooking, get the restaurant vibe right. Lounge music? Check. Candles or fairy lights? Check. You’re ready to whip up something scrumptious! If there was a not-so-complicated-to-cook-at-home meal that you discovered during your brainstorming session, lucky you! If not, search for the menu at a restaurant you enjoyed during one of your trips. It’s the easiest way to figure out what you want to make, and the ingredients you’ll need. Before you get intimidated, remember that often the best meals are the simplest to make. Case in point: pair pasta with red sauce and fresh herbs for an Italian dish. Chop up veggies, a great big block of feta and capers for a Greek salad. Grab a baguette and fancy cheese for a Parisian treat. Not into cooking at all? Not even a little bit? Order takeout from a local restaurant that specializes in your holiday cuisine of choice. 

WWVYD: What Would Vacation You Do? 

Think about your ideal day on holiday. Would you sleep in late and enjoy a coffee in bed? Wake up early and do something outdoorsy? Set aside a day to do those fun things that are sitting on your holiday wish list. Wander around a part of your city that you wish you went to more often. Spend quality time browsing a bookstore or zoning out on a nature walk. Essentially, do whatever you feel like doing, not what you feel obligated to do. A holiday is about going with the flow! If all else fails, go get a scoop of gelato. At three in the afternoon. On a weekday. Isn’t that what vacation you would do? 

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