How To Create The Perfect Travel Bucket List

by Taylor Team

For many of us, travel plans this year have been halted. Planning trips far in the future has become the new normal. With those lazy summer hotspots and cosy winter trips not being attainable for everyone, two of the common alternatives are either visiting places that are within driving distance, or enjoying time in the back garden when there’s a wave of sun.

With so much free time on your hands and destinations all over the world preparing to close their doors again, one thing we’ve found helpful is crafting our ideal travel bucket list. We’ve listed our top tips on how to make the perfect travel bucket list – here’s why cultivating a dream list of destinations that you want to visit is a great way to look forward to holidays, especially when existing plans have changed or shifted.

Think about it and brainstorm

The first thing to do is take the time to have a brainstorm. Write out places you’ve always wanted to visit. Write out places that you’ve seen in movies or TV shows that look amazing. Browse Pinterest or your favourite magazines for travel inspiration, looking at places that are both a short drive away or on the other side of the world. This will help you think about the type of holidays you want and where you’d love to go. Are you thinking about long-term adventures or two week breaks? Or both? Whichever appeals to you the most, this is an opportunity to really nail down what you want in a holiday.

Identify your travel style

Identifying your travel style and what you really want to do on your next break is important. Do you like backpacking and the occasional hostel? Or are you someone who looks for somewhere with a beach, a glass of wine and good food? Think about past holidays you’ve gone on that have really stood out for you. Equally, reflect on those trips that you haven’t really enjoyed as much as you thought you would. This will help you to determine the type of travelling you want to do. It makes it much easier to narrow down your list of destinations.


Now comes the fun part… it’s time to start destination planning! All of that mood-boarding and research culminates to this point, when you can start pinpointing the places you want to see. The best thing to do is to make a mind map, adding all of the places you want to visit. Whether it’s South Africa, Australia, Los Angeles, Canada, or a charming European city like Stockholm, Copenhagen, Rome and Barcelona, the options are endless. You can place them into categories like ‘city break‘, ‘once in a lifetime destinations,’ ‘two-week sun trip,’ or ‘winter holidays,’ to make it easier. You may even be after road trips as these can be the relaxing activities to add to your bucket list. There are plenty of famous road trips and they can take you a while if you plan them properly too. For example, a famous one is the Great Ocean road in Victoria, Australia and there are some lovely hotels warrnambool area which is half way through for a well deserved pit stop.

Look at your options and think about the logistics

Once you have your list, it’s time to narrow it down and think about what’s plausible. The following criteria should help when it comes to making your final list:

  • Is this place somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit?
  • Do I have a clear list of things I want to do here, or is this the kind of trip where I’d be exploring as I go?
  • Is this within my price range?
  • How long do I want to spend there?
  • Does the destination fit with my travel style?

Research your chosen travel destinations

After narrowing down your map to your final list and ironing out the logistics, the next step of planning for your travel bucket list can begin! Put your list in order of the places you want to visit and when you want to visit them. Then, get researching. What restaurants do you want to try? Which beach is a must-visit? What are the best day trips and hotels? While holiday planning in advance isn’t typically everyone’s cup of tea, this is a really great way for you to get creative as you look into destinations all over the world. Making a bucket list gives you something to look forward to, and it’ll help to ensure that you have the best holiday possible when the time comes.

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