How To Curb Flight Anxiety: 5 Tips to Just Chill Out

by Alexa Allen

If you’re like me, spring ending is bringing all of those #travelgoals straight to the top of your to-do list.

Curbing that often crushing flying anxiety can be tough, but these five quick travel tips should get you one step closer to enjoying the start of your summer 2019 vacation season like an absolute pro.

Handle all meal specifications online, before or at the time of online check-in.

This step sometimes gets overlooked, and airlines don’t usually make this information quick or easy to find on their websites. However, airlines are obligated to accommodate dietary restrictions to the absolute best of their abilities. So all of you travelers who think you have to just risk whatever is being served on board, take note! Most airlines allow you to specify dietary needs at the time of online booking underneath the ‘extras’ or ‘more information’ tabs. Yeah, I know, those tabs you always click right past… If they don’t offer this service outright, you can easily make a phone call to the number provided on their website. It’s worth ensuring you’re taken care of on your flight with a special meal that follows your needs. Although you can hardly expect fine dining from anyflight meal, at least you know you’ll be safe. 

Arrive at the airport at least 2 hours early.

Take it from someone who has ran full speed to catch mostof her flights–there are way better ways to get your cardio in. Save yourself the stress and arrive at the airport at least two hours before your flight boards. You heard me; before it boards, not before it takes off. If you can manage to get there three hours earlier, that’s even better! Getting through check-in, baggage drop and TSA is only stressful if you feel you don’t have the time for it, and while some airports will allow you to skip a few lines when your flight takes off in the next hour, it’s very,veryrare that anyone will care if you’re simply running behind schedule. 

Try not to be too well-rested before you board your flight.

This one’s a cheap trick, but it makes a whole lot of sense! You may think starting your vacation with a regular sleep schedule is the way to go, but I’d urge you not to get too comfortable the night before you travel– ideally, the sleep you get before you take off is just a mere nap.

Unless you’re traveling an extremely short distance, fending off a comfortable slumber until after you board your flight will inevitably keep you knocked out for the vast majority of your travel time. Flight seating arrangements are never made for your ease or comfort, so being completely exhausted may help you settle in a lot quicker. Plus, the longer you sleep? The less likely you’re thinking about your least favorite way to travel. So if you can spare it, next time save the full night’s rest for post-check in.

Snag an aisle seat!

Snagging an aisle seat is more of a personal preference. After all, some people enjoy catching the view from above the clouds in the window seat. On the other hand, if you frequently experience intense flying anxiety, you might prefer to skip the view. Most airlines allow you to choose your seat if you check in the night before your flight. Although it sometimes costs to secure your seat of choice, the price can definitely be worth the range of movement and comfort it allows.

Don’t forget a book and solid headphones.

There is noooothing worse than sitting anywhere for longer than six minutes and realising you forgot your headphones! So can you imagine flying six hours without them? Just me? I refuse to believe it. Next time you’re packing your bag with entertainment and snacks, remember to double-check that you both have your headphones and each earbud works. And if you’re running a little behind schedule, ditch the search and purchase an affordable pair from an airport shop. Try not to assume your airline sells them or gives them away for free on board, because that isn’t always true!

Happy traveling!

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