How To Fix Broken And Uninspiring Routines

by Auriel Simmonds

When you find a routine that actually works for you, life feels a whole lot more manageable. During stressful times in our lives, it is incredibly important to have some kind of system that can be relied on. Whatever routine you follow, it should exist to help you deal with the chaos of life a little better. But when a routine breaks down or becomes uninspiring, it can become an enormous source of stress. Although they are supposed to be maintained, routines have to be adapted from time to time to avoid becoming uninspiring or unmaintainable. Here are some easy tips to fix your routine!

Acknowledge The Failures Of Your Current Routine

If you begin to realise your routine isn’t working the way it used to, you have to first go back in order to move in a positive direction again. Figuring out where a routine is going wrong can be difficult. But I’ve learnt that creating a bullet point list of the steps of my routine enables me to clearly pinpoint its downfalls. It could be something as simple as deciding to workout only 10 minutes after eating and finding yourself feeling sick. In this case, you could swap them around or just give more time in between these steps.

This bullet point list will let you reflect on your routine to uncover any issues. Once we become used to a routine, we tend to follow these steps habitually. And while this is the overall aim of a routine, this habitual nature prevents us from being able to break free from an uninspired and broken one. This is why a bullet point listing of your routine will help you to overcome this and discover its faults. Acknowledging the failures of your current routine is key. To find a truly beneficial routine, you’ll need to adjust certain tasks and steps to better work for you. You may believe that you’ve created the ultimate routine that should never be tampered with because it has worked. But this mentality fails to recognise the inherent mutability of routines in order to stay inspiring and to continue working.

Embrace The Changes

Once you’ve acknowledged how your routine isn’t best serving you, it is time to embrace the changes you’ve made. Implementing these changes will take time and may not be easy. Change is often scary and quite hard to fully embrace. It’s best to add little changes to your routine over a period of time in order to make it feel manageable and not so overwhelming.

Changing your routine may seem daunting. But it is surely more daunting to feel trapped inside one that is broken and uninspiring. And it’s important to remember that the change doesn’t have to happen all at once. By adapting and incorporating the changes little by little, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed. Instead, you’ll find yourself experiencing a relief from the failure of your old routine which will encourage you to continue to implement more changes.

Remember The Purpose Of Routines

Routines are supposed to uplift us and alleviate the stresses of life that we have to compete with. And without remembering this, it is easy to become uninspired by your routine and hate the idea of it. The purpose of your routine is what will drive you and the changes you make. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about trial and error and once you find what works for you, you’ll reap the rewards. Life is full of changes and your routine needs to keep up. Changing up a routine doesn’t mean it was terrible when you first started! It just means you are changing and are recognising and adapting to those changes to get the most out of your routine! Routines shouldn’t exist to create more stress and they don’t have to include a 5am yoga workout. It has to work for you and that is for you to figure out.

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