How To Keep A Routine Whilst Travelling 

by Olivia Bouchard

We all love to get away for a vacation or two. Traveling somewhere new can be humbling, enlightening and also just plain fun! A little getaway here and there is, I believe, the best cure for wanderlust, heartbreak and boredom. 

But what about those long distance trips? The ones where you travel from place to place for long stretches of time (if you’re lucky enough to do so). This kind of traveling is amazing and can offer you hundreds of new opportunities while also being overwhelming. 

Wanting to do it all 

There is such an endless supply of exciting and new things to do and see when you travel that it can be hard to fit everything in. The fear of missing out on something a new country has to offer takes its toll and can leave your schedule jam-packed and you feeling frantic.

This is why it can be hard to stay grounded when traveling. It’s easy to lose a sense of time, with the experience sometimes transforming into an endless blur of galleries, restaurants, and sight-seeing that serves to detract from your enjoyment.

So, how do you keep track?

When you’re traveling, whether alone or with company, it’s important not to lose your sense of time or self. It will only make adjusting back to your regular life all the more difficult when you eventually return home. The best way of staying grounded on holiday and making sure your vacation-self doesn’t become out of sync from your home-self is by keeping in a routine. Here’s how to do it.

1. Set an alarm 

Nothing says routine like sleeping and waking at the same times each day. Of course, it isn’t always that simple when you’re traveling.  Chances are you’ll be up late for most of your trip, experiencing the local nightlife and meeting new people. 

Although it’s hard, try to force yourself to wake at an hour before midday. After all, you should want to make the most of the time you have, wherever you are in the world. Don’t be too strict with yourself; traveling is meant to be about enjoyment. 

Set a time that works for you and try to stick to it as much as possible. It will really help you feel like yourself and make the adjustment period much easier when you return home. 

2. Remember your purpose

Something I think is so important when you’re in a new country is remembering why you chose to visit the destination in the first place. Once you’ve found a favourite restaurant and you’ve seen a few of the sights, it can be a little too easy to return to these spots. This makes sense as we’re creatures of habit.

Despite this, the point of traveling is to experience new things. In order to not miss out on this, you have to distinguish between habit and routine. Keeping a routine whilst also experiencing something new each day is definitely possible. If you love that particular restaurant, great! Try and find something even better for your next night.

3. Have a schedule 

One of the best ways to keep in a routine while traveling is to have a schedule. Try to divide your days into mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Allocate an activity to each section of the day while still allowing yourself some room for flexibility. If something thing takes up longer than one section of your day, don’t sweat it.

But it’s great to have a rough plan for what you’re going to do ahead of time. It will help you stay grounded and create some structure to your trip so you don’t lose track of everything that’s going on or miss out on a must see. 

Hopefully, these three tips will help you keep a routine whilst on your travels, with the benefit of a well thought out and rewarding time away.

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