How To Keep Your Skin Glowing All Year Round

by Rebecca Taylor

With the weather getting cold very quickly, now is the time to take a look at your skincare routine and shift a few things. As November is National Healthy Skin Month, this article is going to help you get that glowing skin whether it’s sundress weather or -10 outside.

Once summer ends, a lot of people will experience a change in oil production when we are no longer exposed to heat. When we stop engaging in traditional summer traditions such as drinking lots of water and exercising – just like our bodies – our skin has to adjust too. This is why we can sometimes experience a decrease in our overall skin health, as it seeks an increase in moisture. This is usually when we experience skin irritation, breakouts and an overall feeling of change in our skin’s texture.

Keeping your skincare products the same all year round is a big no go! They need to be changed for your own seasonal needs. Throughout the colder months, your skin needs more hydration, so it’s usually best to look for more moisturizing products. If you’re looking for a good moisturizer, you can find one at and other similar websites.

Tips to boost your autumn skincare for that summer glow:

Switch to a more moisturising cleanser.

Since the weather is changing and your skin needs more hydration, it is a good idea to swap your normal cleanser to a moisturising one. You don’t want to use a harsh cleanser in the colder months, as it will strip your skin of its natural oils. You may benefit more from a moisturising cleanser or an oil based cleanser, depending on your skin type.

Add a booster to your skincare routine.

Skin can become duller in winter due to a shift in its surroundings, as well as a lack of sunlight. To brighten your skin up and make it look more radiant, try using a form of serum or a hydration booster. We’d recommend using serums with ingredients such as Vitamin C and E.

Don’t freak out if you have a break out.

People are more likely to experience breakouts in autumn and winter due to the humidity changes and changes in temperature. But don’t panic! There are still some things you can do to combat it! If you are breaking out a little bit, try not to pop your spots excessively, though it can be tempting. Instead, try using a face mask which uses ingredients like clay or seaweed extract. This will help to draw out any impurities, calm spots and gently exfoliate the skin.

Swap for a richer and thicker moisturiser.

Now that your skin has been smoothed out and is glowing, it is time to build up a barrier for your skin before winter arrives. You’ve probably heard it many times before, but it really is a good idea to opt for a thicker moisturiser. This is perfect for the colder months, as it will help your skin cope with dryness throughout winter.

Use lip balm and hand cream throughout the colder months.

Keep to a routine of using hand cream and lip balm regularly. Nobody likes dry, flaky or chapped lips, but now is often the time that they start to appear. To help prevent this, find good, hydrating lip balms and hand creams, then keep them in your bag to apply several times throughout the day. It’ll become a routine before you know it!

Go through your travel skincare and savvy it up!

No matter where you may be travelling, somewhere hot, cold, windy or snowy, it is important to still have a good skincare routine when you are away from home. Don’t forget your SPF… even in winter! Try and pack more hydrating products as well as facial wipes for small luggage bags – they are life saving!

Drink plenty of water.

To continue that glowy skincare in winter, make sure to drink plenty of water or eat foods that contain a lot of water. This will help your body to stay hydrated. As well as keeping yourself hydrated throughout the colder months, it is important to keep moving and looking after yourself from the inside and out. I talk more about this here.

You can also use products that contain ingredients such as avocado oil, rose hip oil or Vitamin E. These products contain a lot of omega fatty acids in them, which allows your skin to become hydrated and plump. Furthermore, products with ingredients like jojoba oil, aloe vera and shea butter allows the skin to maximize its water retention.

We are all a little bit guilty of neglecting our skin in the winter months. It can be the most demotivating time to partake in self care, but little things you can do to adapt for winter skincare will help a lot. You will thank yourself for it later on!

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