How To Make A Tiny Bathroom Feel More Spacious

by Taylor Team

When you live in a studio apartment or a small home, the bathroom can often feel cramped. There’s very little floor space, there are awkward areas, and there is often a lack of storage. You may need to invest in some shelving units, and even look into the best free standing towel rack to hang up those towels away from the floor! The good news is that you can make more space in your bathroom without having to take down walls or opt for major renovations. Here are some simple tips that can help you make your tiny bathroom feel bigger:

Try An All-White Scheme

A white space will always look naturally bigger. You can pair your white or pastel walls with glossy wall tiles and textured towels so your bathroom looks airy and cosy. An all-white aesthetic suits a minimalist bathroom, which will also give the appearance of more space. In order to achieve this look you should aim for clean lines across the room. The contemporary curtain poles featured on Screwfix demonstrate how every part of the bathroom can have a modern aesthetic. By keeping everything from the curtain poles to the shelves sleek and streamlined, you’ll create the illusion of a bigger bathroom. If you don’t like white, tonal greys can also help make your bathroom look airy.

Use Baskets And Organisers To Add Storage Space

Country Living’s list of bathroom organisation ideas include attaching wire baskets to your walls. This is instead of putting them on the counter or on the floor, which will save space. Use hooks for towels instead of cabinets or racks. Opt for over-the-shower caddies for your bathroom products or go for under-the-sink storage racks, particularly ones with expandable shelves. When it comes to bathroom storage, organize your drawers with plastic dividers and sort your items into categories like vitamins, makeup, hair products, etc. Floating shelves are also a great idea – they’re easy to install and they allow you to maximise the vertical space available.

Add Plenty Of Mirrors

Take it from the design of the small attic bathroom designed by Todhunter Earle, which makes use of a panel of mirror-glass that fits perfectly with the shape of the room. You can try it for your own bathroom by installing a large mirror in front of your bathroom sink. When selecting a mirror, you can also consider a collection of different-sized mirrors arranged artistically in place of a big mirror. The goal is to reflect all the light in the room and pick up your walls’ colour and patterns. This will help the room feel bigger.

Bring natural light in

In our post on ‘Ways to Make Your Home Instagram Friendly’, we talked about the importance of good natural lighting and how it can greatly help in opening your space up. If you have a small, windowless bathroom, install a few lamps-don’t just rely on your overhead or over-mirror lighting. Add more mirrors and reflective surfaces and position your lamps near them to bounce off as much light as possible. If you are looking to add more artificial lighting, lighting fixtures can be a great help as they can add more light to your bathroom, especially during the winter when it gets a little darker outside. Some people find lighting fixtures easy to install. However, if you aren’t confident, you may want to get in touch with a local electrician service similar to Safe and Sound Electric ( for help.

Do some decluttering

Start with your bathroom floor. Make sure you get the right furniture and storage as it’s key in creating the illusion of more space. Throw away things that you do not use daily or at least put them in storage instead of letting them clutter the sink area. Multipurpose products like a toilet brush with a caddy can also help remove clutter from your bathroom. Choose a laundry hamper that you can hang or go for one that you can place in your bedroom instead.

You don’t need to hire a professional designer to create the illusion of space in your tiny bathroom. These simple changes will go a long way. It’s also a great idea to bring some plants in, as they help create better air quality in a tight space. Some of the best choices include Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, English Ivy, and the Peace Lily, which is known to help increase oxygen.

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