How To Make This Autumn In London The Best You’ve Ever Had

by Auriel Simmonds

The leaves, orange and brown, line the pavements and you hear them rustle as you walk through them, beneath the tree that they grew on and you think to yourself I love autumn. Although the leaves were great, there does come a point where you will want to clear them off your driveway. At that point, you should check out places similar to who can offer the perfect leaf blower for your needs, so you can continue to enjoy this season to the maximum. And if you love going on walks with leaves crunching under your feet, then you should try to make the most of it. If this sounds like you and you live or are headed to London during the autumn season -whether you’re single, in a relationship or wanting to do fun and autumnal things with your friends- keep reading! This is how you can make this autumn the best you’ve ever had.

There’s so much to do…

London is filled with TONS of things to do during autumn and it can be a bit overwhelming! Here is a breakdown of places to go and things to do with your significant other, with your friends or on your own:

If you’re looking to do something active:

  • Head down to Richmond Park and take a walk through a wonderful forest of crisp leaves with a tasty hot chocolate in hand! Try to spot the deers that roam there -just make sure you don’t get too close! It’s a great place to take your dog too!
  • Alternatively, for an activity that’s, a bit more of a intense workout let’s say, you could head to Somerset House and ice skate! What better way to welcome the cold than to embrace it when you fall on your bum after finally finding the courage to stop holding onto the side of the rink!

If you’re wanting a hot drink to warm you up:

  • Stop off at a coffee shop you have never been to and order the thing you wouldn’t normally choose but that you like the sound of. You might just find your new favourite seasonal drink! And if you don’t, at least you know what not to choose next time. Costa’s Caramelised Orange Hot Chocolate has got to be my seasonal drink of choice for 2018!

If you’re looking to buy some new clothes:

  • Go thrifting in London’s best thrift shops like Pop Boutique in Covent Garden. Remember you don’t have to spend to have fun! You could have a fashion show with your friends, trying on all the different and outrageous pieces that are on offer!

If it’s raining:

  • Check out a museum near you or near where you are staying and enjoy the many exhibitions that pop up during the autumn time such as the Good Grief, Charlie Brown! event at Somerset House, Oct 25-Mar 3rd 2019.

If you’re looking to just chill out:

  • Bake or cook! Grab the ingredients from a shop for a recipe that you can find online like Kate Wood’s Cinnamon Swirl Bread and invite your friends over for a baking extravaganza. Then, since it is cosy season, you can all wrap up in your fluffy blankets and watch a movie together while eating your baked goods!

If you’re looking for the perfect autumnal date night out:

  • Although there is nothing specifically autumnal about Cahoots in Kingly Court in Soho, the cosy vibe it offers as an underground bar, is the perfect spot for an autumnal date! It’s the bar that takes you back to the post-war 1940s and features dazzling cocktails, as well as old tunes that are sure to get you into a dancing mood!

Autumn is the perfect season to discover different cafes, museums, and places in London that you haven’t explored before and whether you do it with your partner, your friends or yourself, there’s no-one who can say they’ve seen and experienced all of London. So, get exploring and have the best autumn you’ve ever had!

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