How To Match Your Herbal Tea To Your Mood

by Olivia Bouchard

If you’re a lover of tea, then the chances are that you’re already enjoying all the different blends that are out there. 

But have you ever tried matching your tea to your mood? One of the best ways to ground and centre ourselves is through connecting with our Mother Earth. And what better way to do that than through the natural plants which she provides? 

There are so many blends and recipes to try out there that it can often be hard to know where to begin. But hopefully this little guide to the best herbal teas that go with your mood will help. 

Firstly, to make each of the following teas by the cup, use a teaspoon or two of the loose, dried plants, depending on how strong you like your tea, and steep them in hot water for about 15 minutes before drinking. 

But what are the types of tea that complement our particular moods? Well… 

When we’re feeling peaceful…

…it’s best to drink flower-petal based remedies as these will help continue our relaxed state. Try a rose-petal strain to further indulge in your peaceful state.

For an energised, refreshing tea…

…try the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. They make a tea that is perfect for those moments when you’re feeling sleepy and just need a little boost of energy.

Chamomile tea is perfect…

…for those anxious moments. Its blend of flavours makes for a very soothing brew which is guaranteed to leave you feeling relaxed. It’s calming effect will help you to wind down after a busy day – you’re also guaranteed a good night’s sleep! This tea is also known to help you drift off to sleep quicker.

For when you’re feeling stressed…

…jasmine tea is the go-to beverage. The combination of green tea and jasmine flowers makes for a delightful drink. The soothing effect of green tea is known to help with decreasing stress levels and can also relieve tension and anxiety in the body. The scent of jasmine will leave you in a relaxed and serene state.

In need of a morning brew….

…try sipping on some fresh mint tea. Mint tea has a sharp and intense flavour that will act as that little kick your body needs first thing in the morning. You might find that having just one cup of mint tea every morning will help you to feel more alert throughout the day.

For when you’re feeling a little down…

…the mood-boosting blend of the rooibos plant is what you need. This South-African based shrub is great for lifting your spirits when you’re in need of a little pick-me-up.

Choosing the right tea for your mood will set you up for a positive and refreshed day. So, why not taste-test a few of these brews and pick the right one for you? Try incorporating a tea-drinking time into every day as part of your self-care ritual. Your mind and body will thank you for it!

And there you have it! The perfect tea for your mood. What’s your go-to for when you’re feeling a certain way?

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