Stress Awareness Month: How To Stay Zen In A Chaotic World

by Patience Takyuka

Being zen means having no worries or cares for things out of your control, and having no fear of the unknown. Famous spiritual author Eckhart Tolle says it best. “Worry pretends to be necessary but serves no purpose.” All it serves is a constant turmoil of chaos in our already very hectic and busy lifestyles.

But finding the time to achieve the ultimate zen can prove to be difficult in today’s modern world especially with busy schedules, time-consuming jobs, and a thriving social life.  

The Comparison Game

The comparison game is a very dangerous game to play because it is the easiest way to ensure you will never be content. The most important question to ask yourself is are you running at your own pace or are you too busy running at someone else’s pace? By distracting yourself from your own goals and pursuits you are simply taking a detour to a dead end, ensuring you will find yourself at the exact place you started from. Just imagine living a life where you walked at your own pace, at your own time and simply finding peace in that.

Knowing How to Let Go

Like many of you, I find it hard to not be in control of everything. Even life-changing events completely out of my control like the changing of the seasons or the passing of a loved one. But it is important to realise that it is okay to not take responsibility for everything out of your control and remember that you don’t have to solve every single thing. Sometimes the most healing thing you can do is breathe, accept it and start to heal.

Learning From Yesterday For A Better Tomorrow

Unfortunately, we don’t have the power to go back in the past and undo those moments when you tripped over in front of your crush. But for those more serious moments that create the life-changing reality, you are living in right now; going back in the past can sound like pure ecstasy to your ears. Unfortunately, the past is the past and it makes you who you are. Only you can decide if it will be for the better or for the worse. Now your happiness depends on what you decide to do from here on.

Being You At All Times

The art of being yourself is one of the most essential steps to finding and maintaining your zen in every situation. As you understand each step you should start to get a better image of the kind of person you are without comparing yourself to others. Accept who you are completely and learn from the person you used to be. You can start to experience wholeness, coherence and harmony. Find complete freedom within yourself no matter what tomorrow decides to bring.

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