How To Travel With Your Best Friend Successfully

by Caroline Edwards

Travel is never easy – no matter who you’re with. Whether it’s family, a significant other or a best friend, there are always bumps in the road. Although movies have made travel look easy and like the best days of your life (and it can be), it can also be some of the worst. Delayed flights, language barriers, jet lag – lots of things can go awry and cause bickering. 

When you’re itching to travel, who better to explore a new place or old haunt with than a best friend? Travel can enhance or ruin a friendship, so think carefully and follow these tips to have a successful and easy trip with your bestie. 

1. Communicate

From the start, have an open line of communication. Be open and honest about what you want to get out of the trip. Explain what you want to see, do, how much you’re willing to pay for travel and hotels – everything. The sooner it’s all out in the open, the easier it is to discuss the logistics of the trip. Talking about money is never easy, so be upfront about it. While you’re at it, discuss splitting the hotels. Are you going to split the cost of the hotel or is one person pay for it and you’re paying for a rental car? Make an excel sheet if it’s easier or keep account of expenses so it’s all fair. 

2. Plan the Trip

On top of communicating about the logistics, you both will have things you’ll want to do on the trip. Maybe your friend wants to go to a unique museum but you want to go shopping. Listen, be flexible, and compromise. But find someone who wants to do similar things as you. Are they OK making time for an Instagram photoshoot? Do they want to try to meet locals at a bar? Think and talk about it.

3. Know Each Other’s Travel Styles

Perhaps the most important thing to note when travelling with a best friend is your travel styles. If you like to wake up early, be exploring all day and waste no time but she wants to sleep in, have a lazy brunch and take Instagram photos, you might not be compatible travel partners. Do they doddle? Do you like to arrive two hours before a flight? Think these through. As with communicating, be open and discuss this ahead of time to avoid any fights.

4. Compromise

When you start to fight, compromise. If you have opposite ideas about how to spend your time in a new city, come up with a plan that you both like. Be willing to be flexible – you won’t get to see everything you want to, but you’ll get to do most of it. Put your friendship first so you can have a better trip, even if it means missing another museum you wanted to visit.

5. Give Yourself Personal Space

Traveling with someone can be exhausting. Make sure to allot for some ‘me’ time. When you feel annoyed with your bestie and are getting pissy, take a walk, have some downtime, and maybe do something by yourself that your friend doesn’t want to see. Take some time to cool off, check your socials and relax for a minute.

Remember: nothing is worth losing your bestie over. Take some time to think about if you should travel together, discuss your trip thoroughly, and remember that some friends aren’t good to travel with, but others will make the trip a hundred times better.

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