How To Trust Love Again

by Kirsten Corley

There is no arguing that heartbreak is one of the most painful things we endure as people. Whether you have been dating them for years, or months or just found a connection with someone, it pulls at your heartstrings and triggers great emotions in your life. Whether we like to admit it or not, we all want love, we want that one consistent person we come home to. We want that same person who cares about our day and cares if we are having a bad one. All of us look forward to seeing them and recognize as our heart beats faster as they kiss us. We want that person we can wake up holding in the morning completely content in their company. As we engage in relationships and getting to know one another, we endure milestones as couples. Sadly sometimes we come across obstacles as a couple that cause endings.

When someone breaks your heart, that next day feels completely unreal. You are almost resentful to open your eyes and you want to just go back to a state of dreaming where you don’t have to deal with the pain. You almost feel in your chest your heart breaking, everything you have to do in a normal day feels like an obstacle and takes effort to even eat. That’s heartbreak and during our stages of heartbreak we swear off love. We swear off the opposite sex. We swear we will never love again. But what we fail to realize is, it isn’t love that has hurt us but rather a lack of love. Love isn’t the enemy here, instead it’s the lack of love from our partner that has left us broken.

You must believe in love again. You must believe that there is a love out there, that isn’t going to hurt you. As scared as you might be, love is real even if your previous love affair ended badly. Be brave enough to try again. Keep trying until you get it right, until you realize love isn’t supposed to hurt you but instead make you feel whole again.

The only way to get over someone isn’t to stay upset over it but to try again. An average person falls in love with 4 or 5 people in a lifetime. So if you are enduring a first heartbreak,  just remember there are a few other people you will come across in your future who will make you feel whole once more. If someone hurts you, thank them, because eventually they will lead you to something better,  someone who will show you the full capacity of love.  Each person we come across in our life is either our destination or a sign, leading us to someone else. Be grateful to those people who become the mere signs on your journey, even if it breaks your heart to walk by them. They are leading you to a better place, a better someone, a better you.

We learn from everyone in our life if we choose to find the lesson they are teaching us. So be grateful for every heartbreak, be grateful for every tear, be grateful for everything that has gone wrong in your life, because it is through the bad we discover all the goodness the world has to offer us.

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