‘I Would Rather Be Planting Seeds’: How Gardening Is Healing To The Soul

by Lisa Artis

Gardening has given me many teachable moments in having patience and there is a tranquility to it that anyone can truly enjoy. When I garden, I am more observant of the flowers I plant and what is drawn to them. It is a simple, yet extremely complex process from seed to sprout. The weekend is personally my favourite time to garden, but there’s also something nice about getting home for the day and gardening just before the sun sets.

Gardening is a way to connect with family, friends and even build a small community. I like to share tips on what has worked, and I also like swapping tips with other fellow green thumbs, like these garden sheds from EasyShed which I couldn’t be without. It’s satisfying and motivating when it’s time to move a plant to a bigger space to stretch its roots. Knowing that a plant is growing strong and healthily leaves you feeling fulfilled about your work. Being responsible for a plant’s growth makes you feel accomplished.

There are a few optional, useful plants for beginners. It’s amazing to imagine a sunflower?s height potential in a tiny little seed. It has been my favourite flower to grow, by far. And as far as surprises and seeds, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.?There are different types of sunflowers, but most of them do grow pretty tall. Bees love them (which is good for all of us!) and sunflower seed sprouts are also a tasty way to use some of the extra seeds from the flowers.?Herbs are also fun, and mostly simple to grow. Basil is an awesome first starter herb that I have grown consistently over the years. It makes homemade pizza and spaghetti sauce just a little more flavorful. Finally, lemongrass is like a huge lion?s mane of a plant and does take up space, but it makes the best iced tea!

I live in a region where I can pretty much garden year round, but in colder climates, this is not usually an option, so choosing indoor plants such as amaryllis, jade, evergreen, philodendron, or other plants that can grow indoors and outdoors is a great way to keep a sign of life going during the winter time. And an awesome benefit to indoor plants is that they will purify the air in a home.? Indoor plants grow just as well as what outdoor plants can, as you can still have access to the things that can help them to grow. You can still water them and you can take a look at these led grow lights that can be used as the sun’s replacement. At least by using these LED lights, your plants still have the best chance of being able to grow to their full potential. I can’t wait to see how they’ll turn out. I am not big on using artificial chemicals when I garden. For those that feel the same, ladybugs and neem oil offer natural ways to deter pests. I am aware that natural methods may not be as effective for other people as they are for me. I’ve heard many other keen gardeners say that they’ve had to contact experts in pest control to come to their home as they have somehow made their way into the house. I think someone said that she used someone similar to this Terminix NJ company to help her do this, and luckily hasn’t had any problems since. Like I’ve said the natural methods I use in the ladybugs and neem oil work for me, so that is what I will continue to do unless the problem worsens.

Some nurseries often have plants marked down considerably and after some pruning, fresh organic soil and a new position, many plants come back from the brink of death! Gardening helps you put things into perspective. It soothes the soul and helps the gardener stay grounded. Gardening shows us that everything goes through cycles in life and growth is imperative for healthy, vibrant plants.

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