Intentions I Am Setting For My Twenties

by Elizabeth Smith

When I first thought about entering my twenties, my mind darted to career development and essentially just trying to make a living. While stepping into your twenties officially means adulthood is well and truly underway, it’s important to remember not to lose track of all the joys of life. Whilst your twenties undoubtably brings new responsibilities and pressures, it’s also the perfect time to discover new things about yourself and who you’re meant to be.

Without sounding too cringey or fanciful, the intentions I’m setting for my twenties are ones that will assist me in achieving a rewarding and fulfilling life.

And here they are:

Building my network

Although initially this may sound pretty dull, it turns out to be a life saver. The more people you connect with, the more opportunities and experiences will come your way. If you haven’t already, keep a note of every person who has helped you professionally – you never know when you might need them in the future! Your twenties are the perfect time to build strong and beneficial networks. While this technically relates to career development, it also allows you to develop relationships with people that you might otherwise forget about.

Exploring different hobbies

Thinking back to my childhood, I would always be colouring, painting, riding a bicycle or learning a musical instrument. Unfortunately, I have seemed to neglect this plethora of activities over the years. However, this shouldn’t be the case! Discovering a hobby you are passionate about is not only enjoyable, it also brings value and leaves you with a brand-new skill. If a creative hobby isn’t really your thing, then why not give an online course a go? You could even do something a little out of the ordinary like growing a vegetable garden or learning how to sail! Exploring new activities makes your life more interesting, challenges you and breaks up daily routines.

Learning how to become more lenient

I am guilty for being an obsessive planner. I thought by my twenties I should probably have my entire life sorted out in a list from 1 to 10. Now that I have reached twenty, I’ve come to the realisation that this is not the case at all. There are things that are out of my control (who knew?!). While I have a vague understanding of what profession I see myself entering, that’s about as far as it goes.

Your twenties is a time to head down different paths, explore your options and figure out what is best for you. The unknown can be exciting when you let it!

Finding time every day to be alone

Solitude doesn’t have to mean lonely. In fact, solitude can be empowering. Being on your own for even just half an hour of the day allows you to unwind, listen to your own thoughts and reboot. While living in such a socially connect world has it perks, it also gives you less time to seek solidarity. This is why it’s important to shut your phone off for a while every day. Being by yourself gives you the chance to clear your thoughts without distractions, boosts concentration and promotes creativity. Finding time to unplug and disconnect everyday will result in a healthier mindset and improved self-awareness.

Constantly learn new things

Keep looking for new things to discover and ways to help you grow. That could include reading the news and keeping up to date with current affairs, improving your understanding of the world. Or you could develop a habit of reading a chapter of a book every day, expanding your vocabulary and creative thinking. All of these things will give you new perspectives and information. Being in your twenties is an opportunity to discover new avenues of life.

Your twenties is a time to put your fears about the future on hold. While this next step to life may be dauting, it is the perfect time to set intentions which bring happiness and merriment.

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