International Love Note Day: Writing For Self-Love

by Lucy Freeman

Sending and receiving love notes to and from your special someone gives us major To All The Boys I Loved Before vibes. Am I right? But, if like me you don’t have that special someone in your life, you shouldn’t feel left out or upset. It’s ‘International Love Note Day’, not ‘International Send Your Partner A Love Note Day!’ Whether you have a partner or not, nothing is more important than showing that you love you more than anyone else. Self-love is the first step before any relationship.

Send yourself little messages throughout the day as a reminder of how special you are. International Love Note Day is the perfect opportunity to do this, you could even try to make it a habit in your everyday routine. You never know, the love you give to yourself could pick you up on your down days!

On your mirror

Most girls at some stage in their life will have struggles with their body confidence. Write yourself a love note or even a few and stick them on your mirror! While you get ready in the morning and as you take your makeup off at night, you’ll be reminded of how beautiful you are (inside and out of course).

Inside your lunchbox

Your lunch break is the perfect time to stop whatever you’re doing and take a breather. You might be having an intense and stressful day and need a little pick-me-up. Or perhaps your day is going brilliantly and a little more positivity is the cherry on top! A love note to yourself inside of your lunchbox is the perfect reminder to keep going – no matter how you’re feeling.

Inside your phone case

We’re glued to our phones! So, why not put a little reminder on the object we look at most throughout the day. This could be a little slip of paper in your phone case or a reminder on your screen that you’re smashing life and doing great! Or maybe you’re trying to avoid texting that certain someone – so remind yourself of how well you’re doing and to not lose your focus!

On your door

I am guilty of being so slow in the morning! Meaning that despite waking up three hours before I have to leave, I always find myself rushing out of the door. A little love note on the door can be a delightful and positive way to start your day, no matter how stressed you’re feeling. Remind yourself to slow down and take each task as it comes to you. Your mental health and wellness is so important; life may be a rush but slow down and enjoy it. As you leave your house, remind yourself that you are are stepping into a world where you can achieve anything.

On your laptop or notebook

Other objects that we are always looking at, especially at work, is our laptop or notebook. It’s the place where most of our hard work is stored. Stick a post-it note on the side of your screen to remind yourself of how hard-working you are. Or even a little positive quote that will make you feel happy and positive whenever you glance at it. Working can be so difficult when you’re in a negative mindset, so send yourself a love note to help you smile at work!

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