Internships: It It Time To Get One?

by Sydney Wingfield

Entering college is an amazing, life-changing experience. At first, it’s scary and beyond nerve-racking, but after a few weeks, you begin getting used to your classes, deciding what you want to study and focus on. Then suddenly, it’s your junior or senior year and everyone’s asking you about internships and your future work plans. You become panicked because you already feel stressed from your classes and all the work you have assigned for them. So, you go online and look up internships around you and stress even more because you can’t find any you like. Even harder, you have no idea where to start!

Step Number One: Tidy Up Your Resume

This stage is so important! I would recommend getting in touch with ARC Resumes or a similar company at this stage, as that will guarantee that your resume will be of a high standard. Your resume will be the first thing your potential employer will see. On it, make sure you sell yourself! Tell them your skills, certifications, and any experience you’ve had. Embellish on volunteer experience, and most importantly, make sure the resume looks neat, clean, and professional. Think of your resume as a piece of paper that describes you and who you are, and why you would be a perfect candidate for the job.

Step Number Two: Figure Out What You Want to do!

Take a moment and jot down your interests and what you would like to learn more about. Doing this will open your eyes to exactly what you may want to do for a career. Let’s say your major is Psychology. You may say that you like helping people, working with large groups of people, and working on different case studies. Once you figure out what you’re interested in, put it on your resume! Employers may want to know what you are interested in before you go in for an interview so that they can ask you about it and get to know you better.

If you are studying journalism, you may be interested in all things related to writing. So, you may want to go look on local newspapers and online journalism websites to see if they offer any positions you would be interested in.
Most of the time, there are plenty of internships and even part-time jobs that fulfill everyone’s interest. It all depends on how much researching you do and the location where you want to work. Once you know what you’re interested in, keep searching until you find that perfect one!

Step Number Three: The Interview

Another key factor to getting an internship is how you present yourself when you arrive for an interview. This is also potentially the most nerve-wracking part of the interview. How you dress depends on where you’re applying to work, but it’s always a safe option to pull out the business professional attire. Don’t wear something that’s uncomfortable, because the person who is interviewing you may notice that. Dress nicely, comfortably, and something that the interviewer will remember.

Have your portfolio with you as well as your resume, cover letter, and anything else you would want to show your interviewer. Be polite, respectful, and listen to the questions they ask you and think before you answer them! Don’t feel rushed, even if you’re feeling nervous and anxious! Think of it like talking to a friend. The questions are all about yourself and what you’ve done in your life. You’re an expert on your own life, so try to remain calm and remember that.

It’s Okay If You Don’t Get It!

Students and those who have graduated are always getting turned down from the internships or jobs they’ve really wanted. It’s okay! There are so many opportunities out there for you and the best thing to remember is that there’s something out there that’s even better waiting for you. Patience is a virtue. The decision is up to you, not the expectations of your parents, peers, and professors. Deciding what is best for yourself will be more beneficial than any internship you could get.

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