Interview: Temecula Road

by Catriona Beck

Meet the latest stars to rise in the country music world, Temecula Road. Born and raised in Temecula, California, Maddie, Emma and Dawson are a close-knit trio with a simple and pure love for country music: “Country music is just very real. The stories we tell are real life, nothing is sugar coated.”

The band are certainly marking their name on the country music map and have already been named Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing. Most famous for their beautiful harmonies that have been recognised by country superstars such as Carrie Underwood and Dan + Shay, we found out where they get their inspiration from, their most memorable experience so far and what’s next for them.

“Keep your head up. There are always highs and lows in life, you can’t avoid them. Nobody is you, and that is your super power.” – Temecula Road

Taylor Magazine: Tell us all about you guys and how the band came about.

Temecula Road: We’re Maddie, Emma and Dawson and we’re a family band from Temecula, California (Maddie and Emma are sisters). We love music, especially country. We started playing together around four years ago! We started writing and performing together at local places in town and the three of us just really clicked. Ever since then, we’ve stuck together.

Taylor Magazine: Who were your biggest inspirations growing up and who do you look up to music wise?

Temecula Road: For me (Maddie), it’s always been Carrie Underwood. We like Lady Antebellum and Dan + Shay too – we really look up to their harmonies. John Mayer is another big inspiration!

Photo Credit | Instagram @temecularoad

Taylor Magazine: You guys are obviously really close. What is the best thing about being in a band, rather than going on this journey independently?

Temecula Road: We’re friends more than anything, so it’s just easy to be around each other. It’s teamwork for sure and that makes the whole experience a lot more fun. We’re also able to rely on each other – we’d be so lonely if we were on the road alone! We’re best friends, we’re family. It’s nice to be able to have each other to rely on.

Taylor Magazine: What has been the most memorable moment of your career so far?

Temecula Road: When we opened for Martina McBride (she’s another favourite), that was a surreal moment. Opening for the people we’ve opened for is absolutely crazy – we grew up listening to these artists and then sharing the stage with them is completely ridiculous! Also, Country 2 Country in 2017 was our first time abroad, so being able to come to London and see the fans over in the UK was such a cool experience. They’re so passionate! They even knew some of our songs that were unreleased – we have no idea how they found them, maybe YouTube or something, but that was amazing. It was so good to be able to see a different part of the world.

“We just have such a love for country music, so we want to spread our music as far across the world as we can!”

Taylor Magazine: What advice would you give to other young artists who are trying to pursue a career within the country music industry?

Temecula Road: Just be yourself. Being different is key in the music industry – it makes you, you. Follow your dreams. We’re still doing that!

Taylor Magazine: Do you do any pre-show rituals to calm your nerves?

Temecula Road: We just try and stay calm, sometimes reading helps! It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the nerves so you just have to sit down, close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Photo Credit | Instagram @temecularoad

Taylor Magazine: We saw you guys at Stagecoach this year – you’re incredible live! What other stuff have you guys been up to over the past two or three months that you can tell us about?

Temecula Road: We just did a show in Sacramento, we’ve been in Nashville, we’ve been writing. Now, we’re gearing up to go to CMA Fest where we’ll be doing some shows and meet and greets!

Taylor Magazine: What would you say is your main goal for the band?

Temecula Road: A stadium tour and a number one album would be nice! Doing the tours we’ve done and opening for the people we’ve opened for, I think it would be awesome to find some great openers for our shows too.

Taylor Magazine: Who are you guys listening to at the moment?

Temecula Road: Kacey Musgraves! Luke Combs – his new album is really good! Dan + Shay as well.

Taylor Magazine: What’s coming up for you guys for the rest of 2018?

Temecula Road: We have more festival shows coming up this summer, we’re also opening for Train which will be super cool! We went on a cruise with him and his crew in March, and it was amazing!

Photo Credit | Miranda Penn Turin

Taylor Magazine: If you could pick absolutely anyone to collaborate with, who would be your dream choice?

Temecula Road: It would be really cool to write with Kacey Musgraves and this is a long shot, but it would be amazing to collaborate with Post Malone or Chris Wayne.

Taylor Magazine: What do you guys like to do for down-time when you’re not on the road?

Temecula Road: Rest! Dawson likes to go wake-boarding. We just love spending time with family and friends and getting to do normal things like go to the lake or the beach. We’re definitely Californians at heart!

“We’d be so lonely if we were on the road alone! We’re best friends, we’re family. It’s nice to be able to have each other  to rely on.”

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