Introducing Taylor Content; The Photography Platform Based On Community

by Auriel Simmonds

Life goes by fast. The moments we want to remember as vividly as the day they happened begin to slowly fade in our memory. The days, weeks, months, and years seem to pass us by in the flicker of an eye. Time creates a distance between us and who we were in those moments. We forget what it felt like to be in the moments when they were our present. But we can capture these memories and freeze them in time. We can have snapshots in frames that remind us of the feelings we want to hold on to. Taylor Content is a photography platform which aims to connect clients with photographers, who’ll capture images that are ‘taylored’ to you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a space where you can find your perfect photographer, wherever you are in the world! Whether you’re a a bride searching for the right photographer for your wedding day or a brand looking to shoot content for your website, Taylor Content is the place to find them! With photographers from all around the world, finding a photographer has never been easier.

Our Photographers

Our photographers all fall in line with our simple-yet-beautiful aesthetic and all have their own, unique shooting style. They’re excited to help bring your vision to life and capture your memories as they happen! We know that it can be very stressful when trying to find the right photographer. That’s why we decided to create Taylor Content.

Taylor Content is a curated platform for photographers, where clients can easily find and become connected with their dream photographer.

How It Works

Taylor Content photographers offer one, two or all three of our photography packages: People, Content and Events – all of which are totally customisable in terms of price, as well as what is offered within each of them. Clients will fill out a form where they can detail any additional things they’d want from the shoot. We will then pass this info on to the photographers you have selected to work with! We want your experience to be completely ‘taylored’ to you, and so our photographers will always try their best to accommodate these details. This means that you’ll only pay once all the finer details of the shoot have been finalised and confirmed!

The process of finding and working with a photographer via Taylor Content is super simple:

  1. Pick your type of shoot (People, Content or Events with customised forms for all)
  2. Pick your destination
  3. Tell us a few photographers that you like the look of and fill in the form. We’ll get back to you with photographers who are available and get your shoot booked!

Our wonderful community of photographers are ready and waiting to hear from you! To book your first Taylor Content shoot, click here!

If you want more info on what each of our packages entail or about Taylor Content in general, head over to our website: Taylor Content.

We can’t wait to capture your magic moments!

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