Keeping Warm This Winter: A Taylor Magazine Guide

by Catherine Nicholls

ASOS DESIGN chunky knit beanie hat in tobacco

Nothing beats a good beanie any time of the year, but in the winter, they’re especially essential. This ASOS DESIGN chunky knit is guaranteed to keep us toasty, and the fact that it’s oh-so-cute is an added bonus. Check it out here!

CONSIDERED Mustard Super Soft Scarf With Recycled Polyester

In keeping with our love for primary colours, this CONSIDERED scarf will brighten up even the greyest of days. Do we love it because it reminds of the sun? Yes. But we also love the fact that the scarf is made out of recycled polyesters, so will be saving our planet as well as wrapping us up these winter months. Check it out here!

Cable-Knit Gloves

You wouldn’t think that there’d be much to say about a pair of gloves but these bad boys? They’re anomalies to that equation. With a cute cable knit pattern that, according to Nordic folklore, brings luck and prosperity to the wearer, you’ll be in good fortune AND cosy. A good way to spend the season, we say. Check them out here!

Huggable Alpaca Heating Pad

Aaaarrrggghhh!! Tell us this isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, we dare you. Not only are these heating pads the most adorable teddies in existence, chuck them in a microwave and they’ll keep you warm, too! Even more, they’re filled with lavender, so will help you unwind at the end of a stressful day. What more could you want? Check them out here!

Pom Pom Cosy Bed Socks Two Pack

Okay, so we know that these socks are technically made for wearing in bed. But who’s going to know if we wear them elsewhere? They’re the fluffiest, loveliest things our feet have seen in a long time, and we love them for it. You’ll want fifty pairs, and stat. Check them out here!

Unisex Cotton Classic Robe

Ask anyone who’s anyone and they’ll tell you that a good robe makes life just that bit more luxurious. Whether you’re taking an indulgent bath or a speedy morning shower, this classic towelling robe will make you feel like you’re lounging around a spa. An incentive to get out of bed on a grey winter morning? We’ll take three. Check it out here!

Gravity Blanket

If you’re not on the weighted blanket bandwagon yet, where have you been?! The last few years have seen these blankets skyrocket in popularity, and for good reason. The heaviness of the blanket, roughly ten percent of a person’s bodyweight, helps to comfort restless sleepers and soothe anxiety. Ask anyone – this is a must have, and Gravity Blankets are the pioneers. Check it out here!

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