Knowledge Is Power: Why This Generation Needs To Stay Updated On News

by Miranda Kulp

In a world that is constantly evolving, it’s now more important than ever for young people to be updated on the news and what’s going on. Our grandparents at our age would most likely be handing out two or three newspapers a day. Now, that’s a luxury that is quickly dying. Some may think staying informed simply means knowing which celebrities are dating or the newest plot twist to a major TV show drama, but there is much more going on in the world that Generation Y needs to know about.

Major local and global news is unfolding every day and our generation has every tool possible to learn about whatever we may chose. Once upon a time, news was just discovered by word of mouth, and later by daily newspapers. Now, we have no excuse not to know what’s happening. We have print, online, TV and radio to keep us updated.

Whether something is happening in your backyard or on the other side of the world, we should all take the time to stay informed about the world around us.

There are endless amounts of reasons why it’s important to stay updated on news and here are the top four.


Something that will never go out of style is being a well-rounded individual. It shows others that you have many skills and a wide range of interest. It shows you care. If someone is well-rounded they’re not only more interested in the world, but they’re also more interesting to get to know.

Better at holding conversations

One of the simplest things that happens when people keep updated on news is they start to become more engaged in meaningful conversations. When you’re becoming aware of what’s happening in the news, you can start talking about all different types of topics and can learn about peoples’ opinions on a variety of issues.

If you start having more meaningful conversations, more people will want to talk to you. People will always want to talk to people who are more aware of current events, people who can hold conversations. No matter what direction the conversation takes, you’ll know enough to be able to have an input.

More educated

A pretty face is nice to look at, but what really attracts people is the brain behind the beauty. There’s more ways to educate yourself than school books and college degrees- one of the best ways to educate yourself is by reading or watching the news. The news provides a constant stream of knowledge for us so we’re constantly educating ourselves.

When you know what’s going on in the world on a daily basis, you may find that you want to do further research on certain things or that certain topics interest you more than others. Maybe you’ll find out about a new topic and realise it’s something you’re immensely passionate about.

We are the future

Staying aware is being educated. Education is the key to any change this generation wants to see in the world. Our generation is the key to making this world a better place, and the first step in doing so is being aware of what’s currently happening. It’s been said that we are the most diverse generation and also the generation with the most opportunity. We have the power to make huge changes and progress, whether it’s developing apps or becoming founders of companies.

Knowledge is power and one of the easiest and most essential ways of gaining knowledge is by staying aware, staying informed and keeping up with the news. You wouldn’t want to go to a dinner party and not know the name of the President would you? Nope. Daily news is just as important.

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