Less Is More: Taking Over The World Or Picking Out What To Wear

by Bridget Douglas
Taylor Magazine Minimalist guide to life

You ever wonder why Steve Jobs seemed to always wear Dad Jeans and a turtle-neck? I mean heck, he was a billionaire, why did he always wear the same thing? Well, he’s not the only one.

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg wears grey t-shirts all the time. Famous country singer, the late Johnny Cash always wore black. Rock guitarist, Slash, from the 80’s band ‘Guns N’ Roses’ dons a top-hat and dark sunglasses on the reg. Even Fashion Designer, Michael Kors sports a black t-shirt and black jacket daily.

What’s the reason for this?

There’s a few:

Avoiding Picking Out What to Wear Every Day Saves You Brain Power

This is probably the biggest one. Everything we do requires brain power and thought, so if we spend too much time picking out what to wear, or our hairstyle, make-up, etc. that takes a lot of thinking and time. Jobs wouldn’t have dared care about what kind of shoes he was wearing, when he had one of the biggest companies in the world to run, Apple.

Think of your friends that spend too much time picking out their outfit just to go to work or the store and can’t not wear make-up even when they’re sitting at home—what have they accomplished in their life? They are more worried about looking good than anything else. Usually, they are too self-absorbed, worried about their image, having friends, and going out, to actually do something worthwhile.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are people like Jobs and Zuckerberg that only care about creating things and being successful. These guys and others alike, have to make big business decisions every day that take a lot of thought. Using any of that precious thought on figuring out what shirt to wear or how to wear their hair is simply a waste of time. Sure, it’s okay to look nice when going to work but try not to worry about it too much. Successful people wake up visualizing what they need to get done and what they want to accomplish, there’s no room for hair gel or a multi-colored tie.

To Be Memorable

When people wear the same outfit or the same few outfits every day, it makes it easier to visualize and remember that person. Think of rock guitarist Slash, I guarantee you immediately think of his image with the black top hat and the long, black curly hair, and dark sunglasses. His image makes him way more famous than he would’ve been without his iconic look. Lead singer of ‘Led Zeppelin,’ Robert Plant, always wore a jean vest that was unbuttoned to show his bare chest during most of their shows back in the day. His hair was long, full, and curly. His unchanging look went along with his voice and stage persona.

Take for instance, cartoon characters, their outfits are the same on every episode. For example, ‘South Park,’ ‘King of the Hill,’ ‘Family Guy,’ you name it, always the same outfits. Also T.V. shows like ‘Pee-Wee’s Playhouse’ from the late 80’s. Pee-Wee had the silly lite-grey suit with the red tie.

It’s just plain easier to recognize and remember someone, if they always wear the same thing. The personality or talent of the person or character becomes associated with the outfit/look.

Keep On Attention on their Products

Public figures usually have a brand or product they are trying to sell, whether it’s a fashion line, iPhone, social media app, music, or TV show they are in. These people have to be talented and be doing something really great and different. An important part of this is not attracting too much attention to their image, but more in perfecting the product or service.

For example, Michael Kors has a very successful, chic clothing brand, yet he himself, always wears the same outfit: a black shirt and black jacket. Many other fashion designers do as well, like Vera Wang always wears a sleeveless black dress and black tights. Alexander Wang wears a white t-shirt and black pants.

These designers don’t want take away any attention from their clothing lines. It would do them no good to have the media reporting on what outfit they are wearing on any given day, rather than their new collections.

The Take Away

Next time you are spending two hours picking out an outfit and getting ready, just remember, some of the most successful, and memorable people, ain’t got time for that.

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