Let’s Do It: 40 Things Impulsive Girls Everywhere Will Understand

by Taylor Team
Taylor Magazine Minimalist guide to life

Everyone has that one really impulsive friend who always wants to do things – make changes, go places, get a tattoo the minute after the thought arises in their head.

I’m that friend.

For years, I’ve struggled with being too impulsive, jumping on a whim to complete any solitary thought that pops into my head. At times, this can be the best thing that ever happened to me. I get tasks done at rapid speeds and accomplish things immediately rather than procrastinating for weeks. But, at other times, it can be my worst nightmare, jumping into things I’m not equipped to handle or even making changes I really shouldn’t.

We all know what it’s like to do things without thinking, but here’s what it’s like to do everything without thinking.

  1. You do everything the minute it pops into your head.
  1. You don’t like to be idle, it leads to you doing more spontaneous stuff.
  1. You get a tattoo the same day you think of one.
  1. Your hair colour changes over 5 times a year.
  1. Nail colour changes 5 times a week.
  1. Coffee just stimulates your impulsiveness into overdrive.
  1. Whenever you get paid, you find something new that you need to own.
  1. Your bank account is always fluctuating.
  1. You cannot concentrate on one thing at a time.
  1. You’re smart because you always need to know what’s going on.
  1. Everyone always tells you to relax.
  1. You get into relationships faster than the average girl.
  1. You end relationships faster than the average girl.
  1. You always bite off more than you can chew.
  1. Your emotions are always on overdrive.
  1. Your fashion is always changing.
  1. You take those weird classes like pottery and yoga.
  1. Concerts are where you thrive, you love a crowd.
  1. You love making new friends.
  1. You get close to people way too easily.
  1. It takes you five minutes to get dressed.
  1. Your outfits are labelled as… unique.
  1. Nobody lets you make decisions.
  1. New shoes come in any day that ends in the letter “y.”
  1. You trust people too easily.
  1. You always spend over £50.00 in any store you enter.
  1. Your parents always tell you to slow down.
  1. You don’t do “days off.”
  1. You’re the girl at the bar who orders everybody shots, on a Monday.
  1. You’re trust worthy.
  1. You’re allergic to relaxing.
  1. You’re a great friend because you act first, think later to protect the ones you love.
  1. You’re never late.
  1. People are always waiting for your next big change.
  1. You go through hobbies like water.
  1. You’ve had ten dream careers within the last 2 weeks.
  1. Black Friday is your Christmas.
  1. When someone does you wrong, you bite back.
  1. You order four appetisers at dinner because they all sound too good.
  1. Caffeine is your very best friend.

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