Maintaining Inner Peace In A Life Transition

by Kat Trimarco

This month marks my one year anniversary for the transition leaving my career of thirteen years as a hair stylist and venturing into my own coaching and teaching business. I spent over a decade behind the chair helping women bring forward their beauty. What I didn’t realize was that I was changing more than just their hair.

Most women tell their hair stylist everything. And I mean everything. These women became more than my clients. They became my friends. Some of the women whose hair I’d been doing for years, I saw on their university graduation day, creating the perfect style to last all evening. And then on their wedding day. We’d open the salon early and the bride and her entourage would come bustling through the door, nervous, excited and everything in between.

Some of these women told me about their pregnancies before their families even knew.

I felt an inner tug of war as my heart and intuition started to tell me that it was time to move on from doing hair. My soul was calling me to write, teach, and coach. I’d felt so called to this work that on the evenings and weekends when I wasn’t doing hair, I would book in coaching clients and with each client I coached, I felt a soul resonance that this was what I’m meant to do and that even after years of joy, tears, and triumphs in the salon, I knew it was time to move on.

I knew I had to follow my heart. And I was terrified. I hired my own coach to help me navigate the transition. Someone to call when the fear and doubt took over and I’d find myself questioning if I was ready yet.

For over a year I knew that this time was coming and yet I don’t think anything could have fully prepared me for it. I understood why some people ignore their hearts and stay in a job that has emotionally expired because there’s a certain level of certainty and familiarity in what is known.

So, whether you’re going through a career transition, or any transition in your life right now, I’m outlining my four inner tools for how to navigate the tides of changing waters. Maybe you’re prepping for a major change or maybe you’re in the middle of it. Either way, these tools will help you create more inner peace and harmony during the transition.

Keep your mind focused on where you’re going

Our minds can move into fear, doubt and disbelief, especially when you’re moving into territory you’ve never experienced before, because your mind has no reference point for where you’re going. It’s not that you’re actually in danger. Give your mind something to grab onto by focusing every day on where it is that you’re going. Visualize your desires for the future and for each day. Imagine. Talk about what you’re creating and what lays ahead of you. This gives your mind a positive picture to focus on which actually helps you manifest that positive picture while keeping your mind out of fear and creating a negative future fantasy.

Activate the energy of gratitude

Gratitude isn’t just something that you do. It’s an energy. When you focus on what is working well in your life and all that you appreciate right now, here in this moment, you create an internal environment that calls to you more of what matches that which you’re feeling. We always have a choice to focus on what isn’t working or what is going well and what we’re grateful for. Make a daily practice of focusing on the latter and you will manifest more results that match that.

Trust that you are supported in this transition

Whether it’s the Universe you believe in, God, angels, the cosmic forces of nature, or the power of your own hearts calling, trust that you wouldn’t be inspired to move in a particular direction if it weren’t meant for you. This requires you to trust in yourself, your desires and the inner nudges you feel calling you forward. Practice this trust daily.

Redefine your relationship with uncertainty

This ties back into the first point about keeping your focus pointed towards where you’re going and how your mind tries to keep you safe from what it does not know. Reframing your relationship with uncertainty is incredibly helpful! What if when you found yourself in spaces of uncertainty, instead of going into doubt or fear, thinking about all that’s possible within the unknown? Because the truth is that uncertainty is the space where beautiful opportunities come from. When every detail of your future is certain, you’re creating from your limited perspective in the now. Keep your mind open to possibility and to believing that your future is going to be even better than what you can fathom right now.

Whether you’re in the middle of a major change right now or thinking about making a transition, practice these tools right now to stay in a positive mindset as you navigate new waters. Practicing these tools will help keep you peaceful and grounded as you make a major life change. You can also use these four tools to help you prepare to make a change. This helps your mind create a picture for the future before you take the leap into action!

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