More Cosy, Less Chaotic: Making Your Home Festive This Season

by Catherine Nicholls

Okay, picture this: it’s December. You’re about to start decorating your home for Christmas. You don’t go overboard with baubles and tinsel and those tiny plastic decorations you’ve had for as long as you can remember. I know – it’s hard to draw the line when you’re close to bursting with excitement for the twenty-fifth, but here’s how to take just a tiny step back from going all out Santa’s Grotto when it comes to decorating your home this season. 


Good lighting is the most sure-fire way to liven up a room. Adding a couple of fairy lights to anything instantly makes it cosier, and if they’re warmer coloured, adds to that festive colour palette, too. Candles add festivity in more ways than one – that soft flicker mimics that of a low fireplace, so you’ll be in the mood to roast chestnuts and hang up those stockings in no time.


Yes, okay, maybe some people can go a little overboard when it comes to festive aromas. I’m not telling you to go out and buy mulled wine bleach or mince pie incense, but a couple of scented tea lights or a spritz of fragrance can really help to tie the room together. Plus, who doesn’t want to smell roasted marshmallows all day?


Now’s the perfect time for snuggling up under a fluffy blanket, so why not give yourself the chance to do it in every room of your home? Add a couple of cushions to your sofa, or a drape a throw over your kitchen chair. That way, when the urge to cosy up in something soft and warm strikes, you’re well prepared, no matter where in your home you are! Added bonus: now you can nap anywhere and everywhere!


If you know you’re going to have a lot of guests over this festive period, maximising space will help to ensure no one’s too crammed together. If you’ve got young kids coming around, putting aside a box to store toys in could prevent you tripping over something after the prosecco’s come out. Know there are going to be lots of shoes in and out of your home? Invest in a shoe rack. Organising little things like this will help you feel more in control when it can feel like your home is overran with people– it’s all about the little things to make this period more enjoyable for everyone!

Now go forth with your beautifully decorated, organised, festive home – mince pie crumbs are a totally acceptable decoration, too – pinky swear.

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