by Tina Patricia

Do you ever stop and take a look outside and see how quickly life and people are moving? We are constantly on the go, rushing to work, rushing to catch the next appointment. It’s never ending. We are always in a rush. I sometimes wonder what it felt like 20 years ago when technology wasn’t so potent. People didn’t have cellphones glued to their ears or eyes, yes we rushed to work but it wasn’t to surf the web or kill time on Facebook. Work was needed to be done, and it was. While lunch breaks were the norm and so was catching up for drinks after work. Now, there is no time for lunch.

You ask people how work life is and it’s at the top of their “Most Hated” list. A great percentage of the population don’t enjoy what they’re doing, they feel stuck and unsatisfied. Struggling to move up the corporate ladder, paying of student debt and all the while still attempting to live the life they want. Sounds exhausting right?

The older generation would say, suck it up, work hard because that is how you will get to the top. Get that promotion and hit the career jackpot! Yeah, right. Do you know how difficult that is these days? They want us to work our butts off but repay us in the smallest ways. Sometimes, all we get is recognition and that’s it. How are we supposed to stay motivated? Should we be proud working at a company for, lets says – 10 years but all we get is a lousy plaque that says “congrats on your 10 years” ? Seriously. Makes my head spin knowing that is what I have to look forward to… A plaque.

No offence to the older generation because I commend you in all the amazing hard word you have achieved! But for us millennials it seems like we stretch ourselves thin and get nowhere. You wonder why we complain and want to move quickly, we are discouraged as there are tons of opportunities out there, yet we’re going nowhere fast. So many options it’s hard to sit still and not want them all. I think we’re the generation that wants to do everything and explore what life really has to offer rather than staying stagnant in one spot.

Technology has opened up a sort of “Pandora’s box” for us. As many don’t even choose to go to school or pursue a career but we dive into what is readily accessible and free… social media.

How many people are pursuing social media careers? Millions.

There are absolutely endless possibilities, you can share your entire life with a few clicks and snaps. How amazing is it that a technological outlet can build a business and inspire others. For absolutely no cost, but to share their knowledge and life with the world!

The generations before us wonders why we can’t sit still and pursue a slow paced career. It’s because we have endless opportunities at reach, we can build our own business faster than trying to apply for that better job where we have to compete with others. We can work a dead-end office job while we hustle on the side. Not to say building a social media platform is anywhere close to easy, but it helps us gain skills some jobs can’t give us. Not everyone is skilled in the department to build yourself as a brand. All those social media accounts aren’t done overnight, they are planned and thought out. As the famous saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

I think as millennials we are insanely creative, we can’t sit in one spot and become repetitive. We want to explore the world, create art, be innovative, change it and mold it to how we feel. We want it all at once. I think that’s what makes us so rambunctious and intriguing.

So, don’t settle for that dead-end job unless you’re hustling on the side. Take that trip, be the outcast, do what isn’t normal, because living boring is never fun. Find what you love and do that, build on what makes you happy. Take pride in being a millennial, because if you won’t get up and do it someone else will. Light your own path and make shit happen!

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