Minimalism In Relationships: Quality Over Quantity

by Bailey Hopp
Minimalism in Relationships: Quality over Quantity

With minimalism in mind when it comes to material goods and living simply to improve our quality of life, what would our lives be like if we applied these values to our relationships? We can take minimalist aspects and align them with our own values, making more meaningful and long-lasting relationships that will benefit us. Maybe you’re looking for casual hookups after having come out of a longterm relationship, which isn’t a bad thing, especially as it may be as easy as searching for backpage personals in the hopes of finding someone. We all approach relationships in different ways.

Minimalism is about simplicity – be intentional.

Quality over quantity; if you feel that your relationships are always a waste of time, it may be that you are not suited to co-existence with someone else. To remedy this some people purchase realistic sex dolls to fill a void without the challenges of a real human relationship, however others deliberately choose to think carefully about each opportunity in order to only have relationships with people who will help improve your life and create more purpose.

We ask ourselves; why would you want to spend time trying to grow with someone when you may both be growing in different directions? We all have separate paths in life, and our values and ways of living can be starkly different. By choosing to associate with people who only encourage and help you grow to your greatest potential, you can spend your time in relationships that help you to be the best you can be. Live your best life by continuously striving for better quality in all aspects, including your relationships.

By selecting the best people to have in your life, the ones who make you feel good, support you and offer you guidance, you can grow and experience more meaningful life lessons.

?You can?t change the people around you, but you can change the people around you.? ? The Minimalists

Let go.

Learning to let go of the past shows strength, lessons learned and independence from situations or people that previously only hindered your success. You must also acknowledge your own choices and decisions in order to learn and forgive yourself for them. But, moving on from unhealthy or unhappy situations isn’t easy, and it’s all a learning curve.

Moving forward with the insight from those experiences will reveal growth and allow you to improve current and future relationships. Recognise, understand and forgive. Do your best to improve upon relationships in the future. Part of letting go is being willing to identify relationships that may be toxic or bringing you down in some way. The decision to end them or change them will be difficult but benefits you in the long run by teaching you what you didn’t like about a person or experience.

Letting go of negative relationships may allow you to start opening yourself up to new experiences and give you time to work on (and improve!) on other more positive relationships in your life. Toxic relationships are mentally and emotionally destructive. The better the relationships you have, the better your quality of life.

Live in the present.

Growth is important. People are always changing and we must adapt to that. Yes, change can be daunting and dipping into the unknown is often scary but change also allows you to challenge yourself and learn more about what you like and dislike. By living in the present, you’re focusing on the near and now and fully experiencing whatever situation you’re in.

Each and every person in your life deserves the energy and attention to improve and strengthen your relationship with each other. In order to maintain each relationship and watch it grow, you need to nurture it. No two relationships are the same and you must work at maintaining them as times and people change. Awareness in relationships is ongoing, and requires effort to be put forward by both people.

Be willing to invite and welcome new relationships, as long as they improve your wellbeing, cause minimal stress and make you feel good about yourself. Love yourself, and love those around you. Minimalism is all about the simple things, so focus on the relationships you have that make you feel happy. That’s all there is to it.

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