Minimalist Travel: 7 Essentials To Pack For Every Weekend Trip

by Bailey Hopp
Minimalist Travel: 7 Essentials To Pack For Every Weekend Trip

We know well enough that living in any big city in Europe makes it so easy to take a quick weekend trip over to Barcelona or Paris. The tough part is… what to pack? Look no further. We’ve put together a simple, essential list of clothing items you can pack for any weekend trip. These items will make sure you’re comfortable and looking your best for any occasion on your weekend getaway. Packed with these in tow, you’ll be able to dress up or down, wherever you are. Minimalist travel? We’ve got you covered.

1. White t-shirt

A classic white t-shirt makes any outfit simple and comfortable. On trips away, you may be walking and exploring a lot, so to have a simple t-shirt on like this means you don’t have to worry about your outfit for casual trips out. You can easily put on a jacket or wear it as it is, depending on the temperature.

2. One pair of comfy shoes

Whether it’s an old pair of worn Vans or a pair of Vessi waterproof sneakers, find some shoes that you know and trust. Shoes will make or break your trip, so find some that you won’t mind walking in for a few hours a day. Breaking in a new pair of shoes can be painful sometimes so make sure they’re comfy and broken in by the time you go away! The most important part of packing for any weekend trip is making sure you’re comfortable in whatever you end up wearing. Check out the best shoes for travel before you go to make sure you’ve picked a comfy pair!

3. Your best pair of blue jeans

This should go without saying, but our next essential is: blue jeans. A great pair of jeans are a standard item to take and you can’t go wrong. Jeans can also be dressed up with a nice top and heels or flats, or kept casual with a light jacket and trainers.

4. One dress

A dress you can wear to dinner or a night out on the town is essential. Dependent on the weather, you can pair dresses with tights or just wear them alone with a pair of sandals or trainers. Bringing along a jean jacket would be a perfect addition to this! Dresses come in so many different fabrics and styles, so whether it’s a maxi dress or body-con, find your go-to dress.

5. A jean jacket

Jean jackets are so versatile in everyday life and I wear one a couple of times a week normally. They can go with anything from dresses, shorts or even a denim on denim outfit if it’s paired correctly. Putting blue jean jackets with a white t-shirt and black jeans is my go-to look.

6. A pair of black flats

Black flats will go with anything, (and I mean anything!) that you want to wear on holiday. Whether it’s a casual brunch, afternoon tea or trip to the theatre, you can wear your flats with anything. If you find the perfect pair for your feet, it’s a good alternative if you don’t want to wear trainers all the time and want to be a bit less casual, and a bit more dressed up!

7. Your favourite pair of black jeans

This is a staple in my closet normally but for holidays and trips abroad, these are a must. Black jeans are perfect for any weather and any occasion. If you opt to pair them with a flowy top, you have a great dinner outfit. But, you can also wear with a casual shirt or jumper for colder trips away. Black really goes with anything you want to wear so you won’t need to pack as many jeans in your bag.

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