Moving Home: Five Tips To Make It Smooth Sailing

by Catriona Beck
Moving Home: Five Tips To Make It Smooth Sailing

Moving home – dreams of a new living space and planning and organising your new abode should be a joyful occasion, right? Or perhaps you are simply moving to a new rental after having spotted something like this Atlanta MidTown Furnished Monthly Rentals. No matter your reason for moving, it should be a fun occasion. Having recently moved, I realised that the whole moving home process can be a stressful and overwhelming time, and it’s also filled with emotion so it’s very, very easy for everything to get on top of you. I learnt a lot of valuable lessons during this process. They started with the process of actually buying and selling; I realised that life is much easier when you leave things in the hands of solicitors rather than trying to keep control yourself, and you can get quotes from solicitors online when you are ready to move house. When it comes to the move itself, here are some top tips to make the process as smooth as possible.

1. Lists, lists, and more lists

Whether you’re a list-maker or someone who prefers to keep everything in their head instead, this is absolutely necessary when moving home. Without my trusty lists, there’s no way I would have managed to get everything done. Putting all of your to-do’s on paper makes all of your jobs seem like more achievable tasks, even if the list does seem endless. Being able to cross things off allows you to feel accomplished and as the list gets smaller and smaller, you’ll feel more and more relaxed.

2. Get packing!

My biggest mistake was leaving my packing to the last minute. The thought of putting all of my belongings into boxes and bags filled me with dread. If I had done this gradually and did a little bit at a time, it would have been a much smoother and less stressful task. By packing as early as you can, you have the chance to really decide whether you want to keep that dress you haven’t worn in years and make things easier for yourself when it comes to unpacking on the other side! Having a bit more time allows you to think about your belongings, downsize, and minimalist. It will also give you a bit of extra time to do the cleaning. However, if you are like me and wait until the last minute to do your packing, you’ll run out of valuable cleaning time. Thankfully, there are cleaning services similar to Bliss Maid Services that can help with the after packing clean up so you won’t have to worry.

3. A little bit at a time…

Whatever you do, don’t leave everything until the last day. I didn’t quite leave it until my move out date, but I was close. Bad idea! Plan your time and start at least three weeks before you’re due to move out. This isn’t just for packing but for sorting out anything that’s outstanding at your current place, bills, cancelling TV packages, etc. The amount to do really does seem like it will never end, so tackling these jobs as early as possible will make the process smoother for you. Don’t do too much at one time, because it’s more likely you’ll forget something. A little bit each day will allow you to get all of those tasks completed.

Giving yourself plenty of time to get everything sorted will limit the amount of stress that you may endure later on in the process. It will also give you enough time to think about things that you might not think were that important, like how you were going to transport your car over to your new property. Some people decide to drive themselves, but others may decide to look into companies similar to CarsRelo who will be able to safely deliver your vehicle for you, so you can focus on the many different aspects of your move. Thinking about this in advance could do you the world of good.

4. Ask for help!

Like anything, if you’re struggling, ask for a helping hand. I tried to do most things on my own, and in hindsight, I should have just asked for some extra help. Don’t take on too much extra stress, it’s just not worth it. Get a friend to come and help you pack your stuff up, and buy them a drink or dinner afterwards! There’s strength in numbers and it’ll take you both half the time if you tackle your summer wardrobe together. You’ll thank yourself – and your friend will love you for it! Moving all of these boxes that you’ve been packing can also be quite a task. To make it easier, you could ask your friends and family or you could contact a moving company like A.C. White ( Whatever method you choose to use, ensure your possessions are all packaged securely to prevent anything breaking or getting damaged. However, it’s not just the packing up though that you might need help with, also you might be struggling if you have to sell your home first though as well. If this is the case then it might be a good idea to check out something like Sell My House to help that process go a lot smoother.

5. Don’t stress – and make moving home beautiful!

After everything, the most important thing I learnt is not to stress too much. Moving home should be an exciting and happy time. There’s a reason that you fell in love with something like these two storey homes perth wa. So just remember that, once you’re all moved in, it’ll be worth it. The main thing to keep in mind is imagining living in your new space, and remembering all of the reasons you’re moving – that will keep you going! The idea of doing up your bedroom from scratch and filling it with all of your favourite things or finally getting that new lamp you’ve had your eye on are things to be excited about. Focus on getting things done, and making your new habitat the best living space it can be.

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