Multitasking Is Out, Singletasking Is In: 10 Tasks To Provide Daily Focus In Your Life

by Bailey Hopp
Multitasking is out, single tasking is in. Taylor Magazine Minimalist guide to life

All too often we know the feeling of being overwhelmed by multitasking and all of the tasks you have to try and complete at once, while balancing different levels of your personal life and communication. When it comes to minimalism however, less is more. By following these important tasks one at a time, you can find clarity and focus in your hectic schedule.

Self-care is way more important than occasionally forgetting to send an email to your boss, so follow these tasks to help rejuvenate your focus and add minimalism into your busy day. Multitasking is out.

  1. When you first go to the bathroom in the morning, look in the mirror and say one thing you hope to accomplish today, big or small. By doing this, you hold yourself accountable for just one important item on your agenda, and you will remember that throughout the day. You can only rely on yourself.
  2. De-clutter your nightstand; this little task alone is enough to help you sleep and wake in a clutter-free mind! Don’t keep stacks of opened spam mail or unread books on your nightstand, just a clock or phone with an alarm and any essentials you may need. This will see that you wake up to a clear sight to start the day.
  3. Watch a movie start to finish, without any outside distractions. No phones, no Internet, just focus on the film and enjoy it! We have slowly forgotten what it’s like to be involved in just one media outlet at a time, and movies are meant to be fun and relaxing. Set your phone on silent for the movie and just enjoy being out of reality for two hours.
  4. Eat one meal a day without any distractions and just practice being mindful of your eating habits and the task you have at hand. This will also help you stop eating when you aren’t hungry. Many of us may struggle with eating healthy food and this task will put you on the right path.
  5. Carry a small notebook with you to create daily reminders or write down goals for yourself immediately when you need to. By practicing this task, you focus on setting goals for yourself in a steady, mindful way.
  6. Cut your to-do list in half. Getting things done during your day shouldn’t mean fitting in as much as possible, as fast as you possibly can. Think about the most absolutely essential tasks on your list and make those the priority. Create a ‘less-is-more’ method to your daily to-do’s by only focusing on accomplishing things that matter.
  7. At the end of the day, say one thing you’re thankful for in your life. This brings you back to what matters most. Things may have gone terribly wrong during the day, week, or even this month, but being grateful about the simple things is a good way to maintain happiness.
  8. Reach out to one of your friends or family members that you haven’t talked to in a while. No reason needed, just catch up and chat. Whether it’s on the phone or in person, try and carve out time for your loved ones, just you and them.
  9. Give yourself time every evening to take time to do what you didn’t get a chance to do during the day. For example, read quietly by yourself with no distractions. This will calm your mind and give you a break from looking at screens and speaking to people all day.
  10. Listen to a calming music soundtrack if you’re having an especially hectic day. Focus on the words, let your mind think of the soothing sounds and breathe. This is a great quick escape method that you can even do daily on your lunch breaks for a few minutes.

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