My Love Affair With Coffee: Why I Need My Daily Cup

by Li Yakira Cohen

It’s time for me to be honest. I’m having a love affair… with coffee. The affair began what feels like centuries ago and I owe it all to my mother for introducing me to the big C. Thanks for that mum! I remember when I was younger and my mum gave me my first cup of mushroom coffee. It was the day that I fell in love with coffee and I’ve been coffee-mad ever since!

Let’s talk a bit about our relationship. It begins every morning at around 8 o’clock. After all, there is nothing like a hot and steamy half an hour to start your day. Many of us know exactly what this glorious 30 minutes (or longer) is like it’s hot, sensational and it gives us life for the next 2 to 24 hours, depending on the level of addiction.

Oh, yes. You know exactly what this morning glory is. To most my partner’s name is coffee, but I like to think we are on a first-name basis. To me, this beautiful thing is referred to as Joe.

Joe is one of the top 5 relationships I’ve ever committed myself to. It is always there for me, nights, weekends, through the tears, through the laughs, through the homework, all of it. Just like in any other successful relationship, the most important part of this commitment is the fact that he never fails to make me smile and is always there for me when I need him to be.

As soon as I pick up a cup, it’s an incredible sensation. The warmth transcends through my fingers, the dreamy aroma flutters through my nose and an unbreakable smile (that all coffee-lovers know) spreads across my face. No matter how much sleep I got or how stressed I may be, this magical drink always makes my day a million times better.

Some call this love affair an ‘addiction’, but to those who criticize our good ol’ cup of Joe, I bite my thumb at you sirs. When people start any sort of love affair, they get bored or tired after a while, but not with coffee. Do not fear or fret that your affair will come to an end because there is a coffee for every individual’s style to make it perfectly unique and to keep the heat alive. You just have to find the right coffee machine to keep this love for coffee alive, and that all has to do with quality; you can find some of the best brewers reviewed at Gharpedia for more inspiration.

Need a little spice? There’s flavored creamer for that (try the pumpkin spice). Feeling cold? Add some hazelnut or peppermint mocha. Just looking for a pick-me-up? Don?t add anything? just sip the black and never look back. All of you other lovely souls out there who participate in this kind of affair have heard all the critiques. They range from too much coffee is going to stain your teeth, to how can you afford to drink something so much??

Non-drinkers will never understand our affair and we cannot expect them to. Will the coffee stain our teeth? Perhaps, but there’s this thing called dental hygiene. Keeping on top of your brushing and regular visits to the Dentist Temple Terrace will mean that you don’t have to be overly concerned about the effect your favorite drink will have on your pearly whites. Can I afford to drink so much? Well obviously I can if I?m drinking a cup every morning in my apartment. Coffee is not liquid gold my friends (although it feels as though it might be).

Joe is my sidekick on all of life’s journeys. Regardless of all the friendships or boyfriends that may come and go, this one will never falter. He is there for casual reading in the park, late-night studying in the library, and even my early morning ritual. The relationship with Joe is one that will remain strong for the rest of my life.

I don’t expect any caffeine or coffee-haters to understand my affair, but to those who do, please take a moment to raise your mugs and embrace the purest form of love man has created (and woman has perfected). Joe is not just your coffee. He is your companion, your best friend and your lover for life.

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