My Top Five Vegan Comfort Foods For A Cold Day

by Leah Berger

My favourite way to spend a cold day is cuddled up with a movie and a great selection of comfort foods to keep me company. I like to binge-watch One Tree Hill and sip on a steaming hot cup of tea, whilst wearing fluffy socks and putting my hair up in some awful looking knot on the top of my head. It’s a great way to unwind and find some pockets of peace in what might have been an otherwise chaotic day.

Comfort foods can also help you get into a peaceful state of mind. They’re called feel-good foods for a reason! However, not all comfort foods have to be junk food – they can be perfectly healthy and still give you the same sense of comfort. Here are my top five vegan comfort foods for a cold winters day.


A warm bowl of soup always sounds like a good idea on a cold day. This could be the easiest vegan comfort food, as most soups are vegan anyway. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you could cook up your own pot of soup and season it with all your favourite herbs and spices. Or for ease, you could just pop to the supermarket and pick up a container of soup to heat up at home. Either way, the soup will surely warm you up and leave you feeling energised. This nutritious comfort food will benefit you by helping you feel better in the moment as well as supplying long term nutritious benefits.

Tea and Biscuits

Nothing warms me from the inside out better than a hot cup of tea. The great thing about tea is that it is so versatile. It can accommodate any of your needs! There is literally a cup of tea to fix every problem and that is part of what makes it a great comfort drink. Although tea by itself already brings great comfort, adding some biscuits to go with it just elevates the whole experience. My go-to vegan biscuits would be Oreos as they taste amazing and they are also so easy to find. There are many other vegan biscuit options that go great with tea, such as Lotus Biscuits, Chocolate Chip Hobnobs and Ginger Nuts. But you could also bake your favourite vegan biscuits at home.


What is a movie without popcorn? On a chilly day, the perfect pair for your movie marathon is a big bowl of popcorn. Popcorn can accommodate all your cravings – it can be sweet, salty or spicy. Pick whichever one you need for comfort and enjoy!


There’s nothing better than a soft, warm muffin to bring you all the comfort in the world. My favourite is a blueberry muffin that has come straight out of the oven. Or a banana muffin that’s a little bit gooey and warms my insides with its cinnamon punch. All of your favourite flavour muffins will have a vegan option that you can make at home. There are also various vegan options for shop-bought muffins and baked treats that can be easily found in your local supermarket.

Vegan Snack Platter

Spending the day watching movies always calls for a plate of snacks that will keep you satisfied throughout your movie marathon. My go-to plate of snacks consists of a mixture of healthy food, as well as some classic junk food. I start my snack plate out with a bowl of crisps, which is a great option as most are vegan or offer vegan options. Then I grab some hummus for dipping. I complement this with some chopped up celery, carrots and cucumbers to keep the platter healthy. I finish the plate by adding something sweet, this can either be some delicious berries or some gelatine-free sweets such as Starbursts, Jelly tots or Candy kittens. This is my favourite way to do a vegan snack platter, but you can build your own snack platter with anything you like.

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