You Need To Watch 13 Reasons Why

by Emily Nicole

*I want to just warn people that this show delves into very deep, dark issues with graphic depictions at times, so please take caution before watching if you are sensitive to these things. Also if you suffer with any depression, anxiety or need someone to talk to please reach out (Twitter – @emilynicole42).

It’s only been out for a week on Netflix and already 13 Reasons Why has gained the attention of people across the world. But why? Because it’s a stunning, tragic story that is a reflection on today’s society that everyone needs to watch.

I learnt about 13 Reasons Why because of its executive producer; Selena Gomez. She’s one of my favourite people on the planet so of course I pretty much follow her on every social platform. When she announced that she’d be a part of this show, I wanted to look into it.

The show is based on the novel of the same name by Jay Asher, which I haven’t read but after watching the show I want to read it. The show keeps to the novel entirely, so if you have read the book and debated watching it, I can guarantee (from other friends and fans) that it stays true to the story.

What the show is about…

Without giving you any massive spoilers, I’ll give you a synopsis. The story revolves around Hannah Baker, a 17 year old girl who takes her life and leaves behind tapes with 13 reasons why she committed suicide recorded on them. Each tape revolves around a person and incident that lead to her death. We are lead through the tapes with Clay Jensen, a co-worker of Hannah’s, who had a crush on Hannah.

Each episode is dedicated to a tape and we learn the heartbreaking story of Hannah’s life. We are taken on a journey, one that leaves us feeling angry and sad and at a loss.

Why do you need to watch this show?

Because of it’s highlight on bullying. It’s how one statement or action, that is a bullying attempt, can spiral out to more actions and statements that effect that one person to a point of no return.

We have all faced our fair share of bullying and each of us deal with it in our own ways. Sometimes some of us are bullied more than others. It could be for many different reasons. But for Hannah, it revolved around the same thing.

13 Reasons Why makes you evaluate your actions in life, like it does for all the characters in the show. There’s the process of denial, defence and distraction between the other people in Hannah’s life, the reasons. But Clay tries to push through to understand but also bring some sort of justice for Hannah.

The Lessons You Learn

It’s a lesson in listening, of being less self-centred and more self-aware. This show taught me not to take people, actions or words for granted. Taking extra time to think about what I’m going to do or say.

It’s hard to watch, I cannot deny that. But it’s beautifully done and addictive. The moment you start the first episode, you won’t want to stop. With only 13 episodes, it’s easy to get through it but you will be left wanting more in the end. Even when I started watching it, once 3 episodes in, my Dad asked me what the show was and only after watching for a few minutes he asked me not to watch it without him.

I only finished the last episode about 10 minutes ago and I had to write about it because this show is so important. It’s important for parents, to learn about what goes on in high school now. It’s important for the kids who were in high school a few years ago like me to reflect on what we did then or what we faced.

It’s important for the kids who are in high school or coming close to joining it, so they understand that growing up is hard. That words matter. That actions matter. That you can treat people better.

I recommend this show 100 times over. If you haven’t watched it yet, you need to. If you have, then share it with other people in your life because you know what I’m talking about.

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