Nicholas Sparks: An Expert At Romance

by Sydney Wingfield

Oh, Nicholas Sparks. He’s written over twenty books, many of which have turned into successful movies that captured the hearts (and tears) of those around the world. If I’m in the mood to watch a romance movie that will make me feel things, I always turn to a Nicholas Sparks classic. Eleven of his novels were made into movies over the past twenty years, and each one has shown the world a different romantic relationship to aspire to replicate (and fail quickly).

A Walk To Remember….

… will never fail to make you cry.

If you haven’t seen even a second of this movie I am utterly surprised. The movie follows the classic popular guy and the not-so popular girl in high school. The movie displays the couple’s relationship and everything they go through when dealing with being complete opposites. My advice to you while watching this movie would be to have a box of tissues next to you, and another box on standby. A Walk to Remember is a beautifully heartbreaking movie that teaches you the meaning of love, and will become a movie you’ll always remember.

If you haven’t seen The Notebook…

…go watch it. Now.

The Notebook is a classic and often becomes a necessity for any girl going through a break-up. Follow Allie and Noah through yet another heartbreaking and romantic journey as they experience love in all stages throughout their lives. You seriously won’t regret seeing this movie, and I have no doubt that you’ll relate to Noah or Allie during some point of the movie. Nicholas Sparks gets this movie right in all aspects. He captures the confusion, uncertainty, and sadness that love inevitably causes.

The Last Song…

….is the summer romance that we’ve all dreamed of.

Ronnie, played by Miley Cyrus, is a rebellious teenager who is becomes angry when learning that her and her brother will be living at her father’s beach house for the summer. That is, until she meets Will, and has to learn to live with dating someone who comes from a completely different lifestyle than she is used to.

Their love story is what we all dream of, and is another movie I can watch over and over again. What makes the movie even better is that they ended up together in real life. Not only can Nicholas Sparks be considered a expert when it comes to this story, he can be credited for the match-making a perfect couple in real life, too!

Dear John…

…will make you fall in love with Channing Tatum all over again.

2010 was the year I decided I was in love with Channing Tatum. Dear John tells the story of John, a soldier, and Savannah, a college student, who meet over the summer and instantly fall in love. They face the deployment of John, and have to figure out how to keep their relationship alive during their time apart. You’ll fall in love with, cry with, and obsess over John and Savannah and the story they tell of love and loss.

The Lucky One…

…will make you realise how lucky you are.

Zac Efron lovers will thoroughly enjoy this movie. He plays Logan Thibault, a U.S. Marine Sargent who returns home from Iraq with a photograph of a woman he doesn’t know. He uses the photo as a way to get through the detriments of the war and eventually learns the woman’s name. For some reason, he brings it upon himself to find her. One thing leads to another, and in typical Nicholas Sparks fashion, Logan and Beth fall for one another.

Safe Haven…

… will help you appreciate what you have.

This movie shows the story of Katie, who moves to a small town in North Carolina. All she wants to do is create a new life for herself and keep a low profile. But in true Nicholas Sparks fashion, things do not go to plan and she meets Alex. Alex teaches Katie trust and shows her what love truly is. The mysterious aspects, the suspense, and Katie’s dark past in this movie will keep you on your toes and leave you feeling way too many things for Katie, and rooting for Alex and Katie ’til the end.

The Best Of Me…

…will leave you with a million questions.

This beautiful story told by Nicholas Sparks will once again allow you to feel every emotion possible. You’ll get to see high school sweethearts Amanda and Dawson’s reunion after twenty years of not seeing each other. Love, heartbreak, drama, and everything else that comes up in this movie will lead you to wanting to watch the movie again, as well as wishing you could call up Nicholas Sparks and ask him a million questions.

The Longest Ride…

…will steal your heart.

Luke, a former bull-riding champion meets Sophia, a college student. They quickly fall in love after meeting, but their conflicting paths lead to their complicated relationship and the threat of their different lifestyles tearing them apart. Throughout the movie you’ll also get to see Ira and her husband’s love blossom and fail while facing the test of time. The movie comes in full circle and the complication of Sophia and Luke’s relationship will allow younger couples to relate to facing reality when deciding between a relationship and a career.

The Choice..

… will get you making the choice to watch this movie a million times over.

This is the most recent movie based on Nicholas Sparks’ books. ‘The Choice’ revolves around the love story of Travis and Gabby. Like every other movie, they face a multitude of obstacles that affect their relationship, and this film will leave you wondering their fate.

Nicholas Sparks will have you laughing, crying, and heartbroken in all of his movies. Each one tells a unique love story and will bring out a variety of emotions in you. You’ll connect with or even dislike some of the characters and feel as though you are in the movie with them, and experiencing the same things as they do. The stories of Nicholas Sparks have made him a very successful man and has captured the hearts of thousands of people.

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