Nomi Leasure… On How To Compromise In A Relationship

by Nomi Leasure

With your thoughts on love and relationships, how did you compromise when you settled down? Your post that me and so many others have connected with “What Does Love Have To Do With My Vagina?” makes me want to know whether you still believe in that? Or, at some point did you have to compromise with each other/yourself? – KL

Ah, so I’ve been exposed, have I? I’ve gone against my basic nature and taken the road more committed. To be honest with you things haven’t really been put to the test yet. It’s a recent development the whole exclusive thing and, well, I’m only about a month or so in. But to the point — yes, inevitably compromise occurs. As much as I’m at odds with monogamy… when there’s only one guy who’s ever been able to give you an orgasm, I think you try and see if you can make it work. Either that or it’s time to explore yourself and your sexuality some more, maybe all it would take is a new setting, a fresh frame of mind, or maybe even a new sex toy like a vibrator or a bigger Dildo to any size penis you’ve taken before. There is no need for compromise or settling for something. But no, I haven’t and will not “compromise myself.” Being alone (i.e. without boyfriend) gave me a delicious taste of the magnificence of belonging to no one but yourself. As hard as that can be in a relationship I’m going to try my damndest.

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