Nomi Leasure On… Whether Or Not Size Matters

by Nomi Leasure

Does penis size really matter? – Anonymous

This weekend I took a walk along Brooklyn Bridge Park. The sun was setting against the river, reflecting off the glassy panes of cloud piercing skyscrapers. I was passing under the Manhattan bridge, in all its massive glory, and was struck by just how, well, huge everything around me was.

The Manhattan Bridge certainly isn’t the largest bridge in the world, and the Empire State Building isn’t the tallest building, but when you look out from the East River onto the island of Manhattan you really start to notice just how big everything really is.

Humans like big things. We like big cars, big beds, big houses, big dogs, big burritos. We’ve built big cities with big buildings and big parks. In a sense largeness is a testament to our progress, our evolution, how far we’ve come, how much we’ve overcome. And it’s truly remarkable. The Pyramids, the Statue of Liberty, the Tower of Babel; our achievements in stature have been remarkable. Height and tall structures have historically represented being closer to God, but that doesn’t lend much to the explanation of girth, now does it?

I’ll be swift. The only people who ask if size matters are men. And yes. Yes it does. It matters a whole fucking lot.

You don’t typically associate verbalizing your penis preference as something clouded in political correctness. We reserve that mild mannered form of speech for conversations surrounding things like disabilities (or is handicaps??). But it has become the politically correct response for women to say: Size doesn’t matter, it’s what he does with it that counts.

I’m inviting all young women to give up the front. Stop pussy footing around the penis talk. Can we finally speak the cold, hard (and hopefully over six inches) truth here? Of course penis size matters! It’s half of the equation in the entire sex scenario. There are literally only TWO PARTS involved so yes, the size and state of the one certainly has an impact on the situation as a whole.

What drives me crazy about this whole “size doesn’t matter” propaganda campaign is that men, the media, and pop culture have just about DESTROYED a woman’s self esteem when it comes to her vagina. Girls are terrified of popping open a compact, looking between their legs and seeing anything that doesn’t resemble a porn star’s labiaplastied and bleached pink pussy. There are countless memes that circulate the internet shaming the most private and inherently PERFECT part of a woman’s body. It infuriates me.

If the situation were reversed women would be wearing shit like “Dick enhancing jeans! Hugs and highlights your bulge!” and dick enlargement surgeries would be the number one cosmetic procedure, surpassing the Brazilian Butt Lift by leaps and bounds. I still don’t understand why dick enhancement surgery is not an extremely simple, common practice. We can transplant a pig heart into a human body and have the person up running marathons for love the God. We can literally change a woman into a man, have him get married, divorced, and then change him back into a woman again. Adding extra skin to the end of a dick is like pre-med level shit.

And that’s what I’m getting at! Size matters but acknowledging that would cut right to the heart of a man’s ego. And so we can’t talk about it, we can’t address it, and we can’t “fix it.” Shouting from the rooftops that size matters would emasculate so much of the male population that they’d, I don’t know, be forced to come up with some crazy theory completely unsupported by science or real evidence that purports that size doesn’t actually matter.

Oh wait.

I fear I may be body shaming, so let me leave you with this: There are many things in addition to size that contribute greatly to the quality of sex. Great sex is possible with any size penis because we also have fingers, and toes, and tongues. And size doesn’t matter when it comes to liking someone, or bonding with them, or thinking about a future together. Men are more than their penises. We are all just a sum of our parts.

Some parts are just a bit more important than others.

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Megan July 17, 2016 - 5:18 pm

Love this article, but I feel like the last paragraph did exactly what you were just speaking out about…softening the blow that fuck yes size matters. Men created boob jobs to “fix” small breasts (personally, i’m fond of the notion anything more than a handful is a waste), but it’s too much of an ego blow to say YES I want it wide and long.

Derek September 8, 2016 - 11:57 pm

I’m grateful to already be a good 6 inches, but like any muscle the dick can be enlarged naturally through simple exercise techniques found on the internet. Given what girls & women go through to feel more attractive etc, I am more than willing to be googling and consistently applying suggestions for naturally enlarging my penis until it’s where I desire it to be as a man length & width. After reading various articles on a woman’s anatomy, width matters a little more than length (given the nerve endings in the vagina’s lips), but they both do matter to the majority, not every woman everywhere, but most women I would agree. As a man who isn’t yet fully satisfied with his size, I still fully agree with Nomi and many other articles on this topic.

Derek September 9, 2016 - 12:28 am

In summary, it really is just another muscle in the body…!!!!

If the immense satisfaction of your girl and the simple anatomy of her body’s nerve endings truly matters to him, at least as much as her looking and feeling beautiful for him matters to her, then actively focusing on finding and applying ways to naturally grow his size in a lasting way should absolutely be his next steps beginning now! How can we get men to get over it and realize this already?

Simply put, if you’re not at least 6.5 OR the idea of being at least a good 7.5 sounds really fun to you as a man who CARES about the satisfaction of his girl, quit being lazy and google penis enlarging exercises online and begin the journey of growing it already! Just do it.

It’s just a muscle, and we all know muscles can definitely grow significantly after just 2 months of consistent exercise.

I haven’t done it yet, but I am beyond willing to try out 1 or 2 natural solutions for at least 30 days to see what happens until I find a natural solution that does grow me to at least a good 7 – 7.5……because imagining the look on her face when I know I’m rock hard and 7.5 inches deep (and satisfyingly thick too) will be beyond worth it every time I feel and see it.

Many men exercise already for the main reason of being more satisfying physically for girls or their girl…. why not just add this to the list of muscles they’re already consistently focused on growing through routine exercises!

Getting bigger does make her tighter too…. (which is greater satisfaction for me too, personally) just saying. Your inspiring/motivating me, Nomi, to begin even sooner.


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