Nomi Leasure On… Her Go-To Music And The Ultimate Summer Playlist

by Nomi Leasure
Nomi Leasure On... Her Go-To Music And The Ultimate Summer Playlist

Hi Nomi!

I’m writing in hopes of a list or screenshot of your best “feeling myself” anthems. If you’ve got a go-to summer playlist or are willing to craft something based off of today’s mood, I’d love to hear a mix of your favourites.


Dear Feeling-Herself,

Hope you have good speakers.

This is exactly the type of post we need right now. A good deal of heartbreak stories are piling up in my inbox. We explored unrequited love and commitment after a failed relationship recently but as I attempted to sit down and address a few more heartbreak questions, I realised something… It’s fucking summer!

It’s mini skirt and crop top weather! It’s freckles and bikini season! #NoMoreBoyfriends, ladies (unless they’re adorable and take you on ice cream dates) – these days are yours to own.

Summer days have a certain type of magic. You never outgrow it. It’s the type of magic you can believe in at any age because, well, it’s real. No matter your country or coast, we’re all under summer’s spell.

This playlist is a mixed bag of summer favourites: A little risque, at times hype, a tad introspective, and hopefully something you can jam to.

So press play and take a load off with this summer playlist… it’s sunny and stressing will just make you sweat. Our problems aren’t going anywhere, but sometimes the best road to healing is the one with the loudest bass.

Have a listen here!

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