Nomi Leasure… On How To Get Over A Breakup

by Nomi Leasure

In your opinion, what is the best way to deal with/get over a breakup? Katie Carder

Well, according to Charlotte York, (yes the Charlotte York from Sex and the City), you need exactly half the duration of a relationship to get over it. I say you need exactly three tequila sodas, two good wing-women, and a guy who’s “just here for the weekend for a buddy’s wedding.” It’s all math really. If 100% of your mental energy is being spent on 1 boy then the whole shitty situation will drag on forever. However, split that mental energy into say 60% the old bastard and 40% some new friend-of-a-friend and…well it all adds up to you being happier. It’s the Ye Olde wisdom of the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. #SmexualHealing.

Taylor Team note: Yes! This is so true (plus, Charlotte York references are always appreciated). If you’re spending all of your time hung up on someone, then you’ll be thinking about them 24/7, talking about them 24/7 and making zero progress in getting over them. Of course, it’s impossible to tell you not to think about this guy at all, especially if the relationship was a pretty big deal and you’re really hurting. It sucks and honestly, the idea of having fun and being positive might feel like the most alien concept you’ve heard at times.

But every little step forward will help and cheesy as it is, time heals all. Don’t waste that time being miserable every day because when you look back at the time you wasted being sad later down the line, you’ll want to slap yourself. It’s important to think about your own happiness. Alcohol, some quality time with friends and a fun distraction will mean that at least you’re not thinking about it constantly. If you’re finding positive distractions, then you’re on the right path to moving on and finding things that bring back that smile!


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