Nomi Leasure… On How To Stand Out As A Writer

by Nomi Leasure

Hello Nomi,

I’ve been obsessively following your blog and, in turn, your life, and I wanted to ask what steps and advice you have for someone who wants to be a writer. I think the creative work you’re involved with is so kick ass and I want to figure out the road to get there myself! – Antonella


Glad you find my work “kick ass” and “creative”. If you want to write and get paid for it, you’re first going to have to write and not get paid for it. I, for example, still write and do not get paid for it all of the time. Check out started by Tavi Gevinson. They publish a lot of young adult work of people who haven’t been published before. In regards to the other work I do, that could be a handful of things so I’ll just speak generally. Do not compromise who you are. Find a place that fits right with your beliefs and values. Shake things up. Follow the people who inspire you (seems like you’re already doing that) and take pages from their books, but also do things differently. You don’t want to be a copycat. For example…don’t start a blog called Peek Mag or anything.

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