Nomi Leasure… On Nuva Rings and Contraception

by Nomi Leasure

Hi Nomi,

You recently snap chatted about how you use the Nuva Ring. I am currently not having sex, but I’ve been thinking about which birth control/contraception I should use once I start dating someone. Why did you go with the Nuva Ring? Have you used other types of birth control in the past? It would be awesome if you could talk about the methods you have experience with.

Thanks, P.

Dear Sweet P,

THANK YOU for asking this question. A girl’s relationship with birth control is a long and tumultuous one — similar to her relationship with her hair only more complicated and okay sure, more important. It’s great that you’re thinking ahead to what method you’ll want to use and I suggest you start now rather than wait for when you have a consistent partner. By that time you’ll already be in the situation, so it’s best to get on some method of birth control before that time begins.

It’s also important to remember that birth control doesn’t just have to be used to prevent pregnancy. Most women also make the decision to use this type of medication if they suffer from heavy and painful periods or are insecure about their acne. However you decide to use birth control, it is recommended that you should seek out healthcare services in your area, similar to the ones that you can find at Southwest Care, ( so you have all of the relevant information before making this decision. In this circumstance, we are talking about using birth control as a form of contraception.

I started on the pill in high school (for free!) through my local Planned Parenthood. I believe I was seventeen or so. I took a pill all the way through college before discovering the GODSEND that the NuvaRing is. I was so terrible at taking my pill (as perhaps you could imagine). You’re supposed to take it at the same time every day…like yeah right. Sometimes I would forget or lose it or take two in one day. Ver ver irresponsible. It also tended to make me really nauseous at the beginning of a new pack. But that experience isn’t the case with everyone. A few of my friends who had used the NuvaRing said it made your boobs really big so I was like *ding ding!* I’m in.

But honestly I love it. It’s the perfect method for me. Of course you should talk to your gyno about which method would be best for you — you may have sensitivities to certain hormone levels, like one of my Pittsburgh besties, and need to be on a low dose. There are certainly a variety of methods but I really love the NuvaRing. You can’t feel it, you control putting it in and taking it out, sometimes it comes out during sex and it’s like a funny conversation starter like, “Wow, the prize came out! You must be doing it right!”

Definitely talk to your doctor about it, but I absolutely love it. Put a ring on it, baby!

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