Nomi Leasure… On The Idea That Relationships Will Be ‘Perfect’ Everyday

by Nomi Leasure

How do you stay in a relationship for so long without getting frustrated or annoyed at the person? His forgetfulness and other little things can drive me up the wall sometimes but I still love him dearly. – Anonymous

Ugh I know, right!? Boiz r sOoOo lame-o sometimes. My lovely Anonymous… do you not think he gets annoyed with you from time to time? People are annoying. Especially when you have a list of things you’ve decided to be annoyed about, and especially when they’re little things. Look… get over the idea that everyday will be perfect, that he’s perfect, that you’re perfect. You’re going to get annoyed with one another, but you want him to embrace all your little quirks, weirdnesses, and, hmm, annoying behavior, don’t you? Suck it up. And when he’s annoying you just go read a book or take a deep breath or something.

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